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096 - French Hussars

another ....

Re: 096 - French Hussars

Ahh heck, S*R. Do you know the "Jeremy McGuire" movie with Tom Cruise. Well: "Show us the money!" = "Show us the masters for Crimean Turks and French Cavalry!"

Beautiful 096 sculpting as we are seeing recently, but maybe Kert isn't alone here in wondering why so many Napoleonics, even unkown sets.

Who has the "Gun to your Head" of who's in charge of next products? Send us a hint; a message; and Hank and I will mobilize the Foreign Legion (which he despises for thier cruelty) but we'll liberate you to free you up to make the Turk Infantry and the 049 Crimean French Cavalry.

One of Santa's red-nosed reindeer reported to me seeing Hank standing on a dining-room chair with an electrical cord around his neck kicking out the chair. Luckily, the Pizza guy caught him and they shared the pizza and Pepsi together! The Pizza guy must have been a toy soldier collector too. So, maybe, time is short ...

S*R! ... listen, at 6-sets a Quarter, it's not your production record in question; it's your "Preview/Bait Record." As for me, I can live for one more decade, before I cancel my credit card. After that, hmm ... you'll be better off without me, I suppose.

I hope you don't sell out to the Napoleonic's and Ancient's markets only.

At this point, get your Santa's helper ready to show us ... ? Or Hank and I just might try to strange each other on-line ... :-)

Cheers S*R, Ne!

Re: Re: 096 - French Hussars

While I painfully await the Turks and other Crimean sets I am nonetheless happy to see these Hussars. Great work Strelets! Lots of guns drawn. Just what I like to see in a cav set.

Re: Re: Re: 096 - French Hussars

Yes, great! I don't like the Italeri Cavalry sets (I seem to be the only one) so this is great news!

Re: Re: Re: Re: 096 - French Hussars

All set is good sets, especially these!

Re: Re: 096 - French Hussars

I bet for every crimean set 10 nap. sets are sold.

Re: Re: Re: 096 - French Hussars

Like I said before, Nap sets are about as close as 1/72 manufacturers can come to legally printing their own money. I still wonder how many of the sales of new Nap sets represent actual new money and how much would simply go to by another Nap set or a set from another era, but this is probably overthinking things.

Re: 096 - French Hussars

very good work strelets
and when others french prussian and austrian cavalry sets
joyeux noel a tous

Please do not foget the Austrias! - next year - Strelets

All the best my collector friends all over the world!

Merry chrstmas -
Joyeux noel -
Frohe Weihnachten -



Re: Please do not foget the Austrias! - next year - Strelets

Indeed Ausrians!

Re: 096 - French Hussars

To Dave an all

Why someone make civillians different period Those we need MORE
We need Turks We need RCW armies We need good ancent sets...

Re: Re: 096 - French Hussars

I must say there is overwhelming support in favor of the Napoleonic sets - Hussars and requests for more Austrians even. Guess I'll have to eat my Christmas stocking cap.

Being fair, I could not be happier than I am with the Crimean Cavalry sets, all of them, Hussars included, so I'm happy to see so many looking forward to the Napoleonic French Hussars reaching the market.

The sculpting and poses of these Frenchmen are tops and I very much do like the Mid-Blue Color plastic that S*R uses. I'll keep looking forward to seeing the Crimean Frenchmen and Turks coming over the hill sometime in the future, and I hope in the Blue Color.

Happy Holiday Cheers all!