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Davai - Re: winter dress for hussars

Hi Donald good questions, which going by teh box art and also some PAINTED FIGURE pics sure gets confusing.Then teh bugler question of uniform.Argh.

I look at old Osprey book it looks blue-grey for the pants for Ingermansland and Kievski(wearing long coat).

pAGE 2 GIVES HUSSAR DETAILS -Rule is Forage cap = color of dolman

tABLE 4.
2ND lIGHT cAV eLIZABETHGRAD/Elisavetgrad(for distinction honor scroll)
Shako= White doman light blue ,
lace braids buttons=yellow,
greatcoat collar =Lt Blue/dark blue
shoulder strap= white
Horses = all chestnuts
sabre tache in shako color
greatcoats brown all ranks

Hope is a help .Say see all the paint you save by just painting teh greatcoat
have fun ,

Re: Davai - Re: winter dress for hussars

Thanks, Hank.
I have 5 books with descriptions & illustrations of Russian hussar uniform & the amount of contrary information is discouraging.
One book does say that regulations & practice were often not in agreement.

Re: Re: Davai - Re: winter dress for hussars

I've actually mixed them with the normal figures, which mostly are wearing their pelisses (so they're probably cold too). Not sure if it's right, but their greatcoats are a variety of grey shades, with the collar and cuffs in the colour the dolman would have.
SInce I used the officer for the Alexandria regt. (all in black) I gave him a black cap, with the cape again a grey shade.
For the Russians, especially from 1812 onwards, uniforms appear to be improvised, so I wouldn't worry too much about the colour of the overalls! Just use what looks good. For the sake of realism, you should probably also replace a head or two with heads from the Hat 1805 infantry- I've seen plenty of sources saying the old type shako was still worn by several regiments or parts thereof.

Re: Re: Re: Davai - Re: winter dress for hussars

Thank you very much, Duco.
I've found one source that says hussar officers had an undress cape, coloured in Russian green with a scarlet lining.
Any opinions?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Davai - Re: winter dress for hussars

Hi Donald,

as a lacy guy I will send you a plate, showing them in winter dress. Better than to descripe. A pity that we can't show plates or photos in this forum...


a picture is worth a 1000 words

Hi, Uwe,
even the Viskovatov document has anomolies.
I think sticking to contemporary prints is the only solution.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Davai - Re: winter dress for hussars

You're quite welcome; wish I could be of more help.
It's quite possible that they had a green cape- I've seen many pictures of Russian officers in grey capes as well.
On the other hand, remember that officer's uniforms were, pardon the pun, less uniform, as they purchased them themselves. Also, hussars of all nations were notorious show-offs, so your average gentleman hussar officer would probably not have been caught dead in a cape that clashed with the colours of his uniform (in the French army there was quite a fight when some bureacrat decided all hussars should have green overalls). My (uneducated) guess is that variations were widespread, depending on supply availability, the particular unit and the officer's own preferences and wealth. Can't really go too wrong, unless you paint them fluorescent yellow!

Any paintings of Elizbethgrad Hussars

maybe Russian Army/Cavalry website 2nd light cavalry division .?

BE REAL NICE IF STRELETS COULD point us in these directions for help with paint instructions etc uniforms etc

Re: Any paintings of Elizbethgrad Hussars

Dear Hank,

try this link:


Elizbethgrad Hussars - 1 phishing site identified

This is great, thankyou strelets.

ps watch out for the phising website below
It tried(most likely did hah) to tag my machine

all others are okay

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Davai - Re: winter dress for hussars

Hi, Duco,
it's a compicated topic!
Viskovatov says the shade of the coats for the regiment should be uniform but the exact colour is down to what's available.
Even if all are in grey, I think the officers would have a nicer coat (& probably of a diffrent hue).
regards, donald

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Davai - Re: winter dress for hussars

No wonder we has communism.If its not good enough for officer its not goofd for teh soldier

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Davai - Re: winter dress for hussars

Hi Donald,

especially in 1812 the Russians had shortcommings with uniforms. The new recruits for the infantry fought in the grey training uniform at the French retreat. Take a look at Osprey Russian Grenadier for more details.

So when the simple infantry uniform was difficult to get what about a flamboyant hussar uniform? The Russians had the same problems as the allies with the cold and winter clothing.

I don't know any contemporary painting showing Russian hussars in greatcoat. So I fear we have to trust the secondary sources. Or does anybody know a primary source?