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CW wish Austrian Intervention needed

WISH Emhars to make Allied guns set(French Artillery guns also used by Turks and Sardinians/Piedmonts so 3 for price of 1 ).Don Cossack artillery best set they made yet.

WISH Zvezda to make a Malakhov Bastion 1/72 model with russian period carts etc carrying ammo.Rouskie Naval gun crews and defenders.French Guard Chasseurs attacking.

WISH Strelets to make much needed CW Turkish Infantry . There is no Crimean War battlefield possible without teh Turkish figures.

WISH Strelets to make a CW Transport set.camels and muletrain zouave mule ambulances.Russian buggies and sleighs .Horse litters(dragging stores/casualty)sEMAPHORE/hemaphore/morse station and figures.Russian and allied(.Artillery need these.)

WISH Italieri of course, To make Piedmontese Soldiers (FOR GODS SAKE no 1815 copies of Bersaglieri too small detail for painting ) with pride.Can use for italian unification war.lead us right up into the Franco Prussian War.

HAT i wish , as with their tanks and artillery sets ,has the resources to produce some PROPER 1/72 galleons(also covers Napoleonic to WW1 (FLOATING BARACKS,converted hyper coal barge ETC) and steam ships(CW to Colonial to WW1).

I have never seen so much UTTER underscaled collector cheating rubbish as what is currently on the market supposedly 1/72 ships.shame upon those producers of the so called models.And all Those recent Pirate ships say it all "PIRATE", more like junk/trash.

We only need waterline models .......which would save costa plenty for designers makers and collectors .[:-]

Re: CW wish Austrian Intervention needed

Hat will give us a camel train, which I'm very much looking forward to :-)

A mule train from Strelets wouldn't hurt, I agree. It would cover anything from Romans to the Wild West.