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To Strelets re: Crusades Sets

These sets look great. Do you plan to make mini sets with troops in close quarter fighting too as opposed to just receiving inf./cav.?

Re: To Strelets re: Crusades Sets

Dear Scott,

thank you for your message.
We intend to expand the Crusades line further but taking into account that Italeri and Ceasar made sets with plenty of fighting figures and HaT are planning such sets as well, we initially want to concentrate on sets allowing recreation of formations.

Best regards,


Re: Re: To Strelets re: Crusades Sets

Dear Strelets,

I applaud your approach to capturing formations. I just love the sculpting and life of your figures so much that I want to see you capture the whole battlefield picture.

#1 fan

Re: Re: Re: To Strelets re: Crusades Sets

I also love your crusade- range Strelets!!! as all your products! I think there is also space for some field camps- crusade field camp and Arab field camp!!!! Byw: What about the German and Allied Field camp/and Staff -boxes which where announced????

I hope you expand also your Napoleonic range with Austrians, Prussians and further Russians. Maybe you think also about colour variations -I want the Russian Hussars not in red -I want them in the same great green to have a line in my collection. What about some Field-camps -Russians, Austrians and further staff sets -Russian Mountened General Staff etc.

I must say that I also like your mine sets but somethimes I be a bit sceptical about your themes and I do not know if you have the real 'fire' to produce them as it was in the beginning (Vikings versus Francs, Polish etc.) For this I would be really happy to see more mini-sets with marsching troops!!!! What about French retreat from Russia!!!! A set with marsching different French Troops, also this for the Russian side. Then a battle- box (also for both sides with wounded soldiers, wagon, dying horses etc.). At least I read a lot of the Great Battle of Borodino and I think it would be really worth to domument this in further way!!!! (yes yes also Austerlitz, Leipzig, Aspern etc.)

Thanks for your attention and all the best my Friends from Austria!

Martin Macalka

Re: Re: Re: Re: To Strelets re: Crusades Sets

Yeay, your Crusader sets are great! (just got your military order sergeants, great chaps!) (And all the other Strelets sets I got with Sinterklaas: medieval levy 2, Franks versus vikings, carilogian cavalry, Norman and Breton Cavalry, and french foot dragoons and polish grenadiers. All wonderful sets!)

Marching Napoleonics:) A set of marching of marching french infantry would be a BIG seller. What about a set of pre 1806 troops in ragged wornout uniforms, greatcoats, lost shoes, etc.

And strelets, what about doing a 48 poses set of napoleonic french Chasseurs de montage and Gendarmes à pied in Spain? That would be really cool.

Or a set of french infantry in spain in true CAMPAIGN uniforms.



Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: To Strelets re: Crusades Sets

I would go for marching Napoleonics in campaign dress both French and British, something similar to your Romans on the march mini boxes. These would be great sellers for those of us who wargame.


Crusades Sets:Crossbows

I said it before and I'll say it again- How on earth can we possibly have a crusading army without crossbows???? Please don't tell me to convert, I happily do it all the time but I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of time and money to try and scratch together some half-a** crossbowmen when there should be a set of them produced by Strelets. The crossbow was THE key weapon that kept the numerous Saracen archers at bay and along with the infantry spear/shield wall provided a firm base for the famous and unstoppable Frankish cavalry charge. Please Strelets address this glaring hole in an otherwise awesome set of figures. Thanks for listening

Re: Crusades Sets:Crossbows

Jason - I couldn't agree with you more.

Re: Re: Crusades Sets:Crossbows

Do not suffer anymore,

I trust Strelets: for sure he makes one (or two) mini-set of medieval crosswmen soon, with kneeling and standing soldiers.

What do you think?

PS: More mounted muslim archers are also needed!! The ratio gives the turcopoles the advantage against the seljukes!!