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Strelets Arab Cav reviewed on PST

The figures look nice!

A couple of observations about shields:
The first figure in the top row has a Berber 'ardaga' shield only carried in N.Africa and Spain.
The standard bearer has a Western-style 'heater' shield, also used by Muslims in Spain.

The round-shield men can be used across a long stretch of the Early Medieval period-maybe 8th century on-so many Islamic forces can be fielded with these figures.

One tiny criticism-The tassels on the ardaga shield are defying gravity[:))

Re: Strelets Arab Cav reviewed on PST

Nice looking figs indeed. Btw, just got your military order sergeants, nice figs too!



Re: Strelets Arab Cav reviewed on PST

Only a little point, right spelling is "adarga".



Re: Re: Strelets Arab Cav reviewed on PST

Oops! My dyslexia strikes again