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Re: Re: Napoleonic French engeneers

Well, I need around 30 boxes of HAT's new Swedish cavalry to create the whole regiments for 1813.
You can't have everything in this world...

want to trade shopping lists?

My current backlog of kits to buy (based on current prices with dealers I use) is:

Napoleonics: $11,863.00
Other: $7,460.00

Not counting the $3,740.00 I estimate it will cost me in soon-to-be-released sets in the next few months.

Oh day I might only be concerned about 3 boxes of engineers.

It's why I work.

It pays for the toys.

Re: Re: Napoleonic French engeneers

3 boxes?
There's at least 6 sitting on the shelves of my local hobby store.
They can't be hard to get elsewhere.

Re: Napoleonic French engeneers

Sad sad that i dont get them ... i would have given 1 box of original Revell 8th army back