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Crimean Allied Command set and British Royal Marines

Please if you make such set please add
Queen Victoria, Napoleon III Beautifoul Vivandiers ( Florece Nightingale. Some wounded allied soldiers and more.

As For the Royal Marines i read today an articel about their actions in Baltic sea and in Black sea. So we nead on set of Royal Marines also And TURKISH INFANTRY...

ah hah, no 1/72 ships so why have sea soldiers ?

Can't have a Crimean Allied Command set without Turlkish or Sardinian heh heh.

Only reason i guess tehy sent sea soldiers ashore was biological warfare on the population ...give hem scurvy and ships rats.

No 1/72 ships so cant see the point .Except static guards at Kadokoi Blue and Red Marines ,think we need Ian schiltrons advice here.

Re: Crimean Allied Command set and British Royal Marines

No Royal Marines fougth in Ahvenamaa and near town Kotka (Kotkansaari)
An Articel publishd in Estonian Historiy book told a battle of Bomarsund fortress Royal marines attackt it.
and some WERY intersting pictures sadly in swedis

AHoy kert there are no 1/72 ships

As Rusia was pretty backward with steam power etc there was little coal available,in Crimea not many steamships could operate .

British sail ships/galleons many were old Napoleonic I built /captured which had been used as navy barracks,prison ships and coal ships were refitted crudely and sold to the French.

However Kert why have Marine and sailors when we cant have 1/72 ship battles.

Maybe sometime in future we can do this if someone makes proper 1/72 ships in this era.

Re: Crimean Allied Command set and British Royal Marines

but dear Hank
look those web pages and you know that marines fougth in land also

Re: Re: Crimean Allied Command set and British Royal Marines

I just bought a pirate ship in about 1/72 scale at the grocery store...for $15. Also, Walmart has a 'Pirates of the Carribean' ship for $50 that should work for our scale.

Re: Re: Crimean Allied Command set and British Royal Marines

Dear estonian , We need really CW French Artillery as they were the main artillery participant with teh Rouskie guns.French seemed tohave more ammunition supplies also.

CW Brittish ships Marines were not primary frontline troops,other than brief/shock landing party force .Supported by the worst chefs in the world from teh royal navy and their cuthroat habor rats who were often pressganged into service.

Although a tough bunch they were dependent on protecting navy assests.(ships guns being used as land batteries).

I'll check out teh walmart ship Jan,maybe take a cast of one and figure a few variants out.