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Guides of Napoleon ???

Dear Kioto,

but these men were not the (Life) Guards of Napoleon. The Eclaireurs are
"inexperienced young men" - not good
old veterans...



I swear they were on the second place of my personal whishlist.


Nice for the novelty but not a set that would require a collector to have many boxes of.(Unlike a certain set in a certain range....)

Maximum strength squadron size ? Pretty much grouped like Gendarme D'Elite(military police)I guess the former were more like Napoleonic traffic cops closing down teh gaps in Napoleonic era will leave little unrepresented for big anniversaries 2013 ,2015 and of course these guys must have been the advance guard/Tent putter uppers and tent taker downers.


A very interesting unit and something that just one matel-manufactor tried to do before and this was Alberken in the ealry 70ies. I don't know if Hinton-Hunter ever thought about them.

The three regiments of Eclarieurs (only the second had this uniform) participated in all the fightings of the 1814 camapaign. They should have been a match for the Cossacks. So in my eyes a very important unit!

Many thanks Strelets for closing the gap!


Re: 095 - Guides of Napoleon masters and box art shown

The dictionary of the Napoleonic wars describes the Guides as Originally the personal escorts of French army Generals during the Revolutionary wars. The Guides were established as a standing element in his army by Napoleon in 1796. Individually selected for intelligence and versatility they performed a variety of administrative tasks, mounted or on foot, and were often used as light cavalry for escort duties. They eventually formed a cadre within the Imperial guard.

Re: Re: 095 - Guides of Napoleon masters and box art shown

Add to it a set of gardes d'honneur and we will be able to refight the 1814 campagn.

Re: Re: 095 - Guides of Napoleon masters and box art shown

Hi Noel,

in the revolutionary wars often troops of special Guides were formed. Some for the headquarter other for Generals.

IN time of the empire several Marshals had their own Guides.

Napoleons Guides became the famous Chasseurs of the Guard. All the other Guides were disbanded after they were no more needed (for example Guides d' Angleterre).

One book of the Bucouy series covers the complete units of Guides, very interesting stuff.


Yes Hinton Hunt made them

FN-314Gendarme Lancier 1811 on horse

FN-308 Lancer Eclaireur FNH/3

pretty much 2 dimensional think i have one of each in my collection

Re: 095 - Guides of Napoleon masters and box art shown

Thanks for the input Uwe,
Tell me do you know if the Guides hired by the French generals during the Revolutionary war were to protect them from the enemy or -from what I have heard about the anarcic nature of Revolutionary French armies- were they there to protect the Generals from their own men?

Re: Re: 095 - Guides of Napoleon masters and box art shown

Hi Noel,

that is an interesting questions. I thought they were used as messengers and guards of the General.

How can 20 men protect somebody against a huge mob which attacks? So I would say maybe they acted as a kind of bodygouard against any enemy.


Re: 095 - Guides of Napoleon masters and box art shown

Maybe they could give him a bit of time for him to get away! Although Paris would probably look on his retreat as Aristocratic cowardice and cut his head off. Revolutionery France was not a good time to be an senior officer in the French Army.