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Re: Re: Suggestion for a new roman set

Dear Strelets!

What about a new Big-Box with yor old Romans + an extra sprude command croup + Roman Field Camp! I thik this would be a big success!

Martin Macalka

Re: Re: Re: Suggestion for a new roman set

I like the idea since I still need to get all of the Romans, but I don't think I would be happy if already had them and had to buy them all again just to get the camp. Why not just offer the camp set by itself. Or best of all offer both options. ESCI was really good at mixing and match sets. You might even consider selling single sprues in a bubble pack.

Re: Re: Re: Suggestion for a new roman set

Dear Martin,

Eventually a big box (may be 2) will be made. Rest assured that it will be in our usual format.


Re: Suggestion for a new roman set

make them such set like it was French camp but now a roman camp.
Officers slaves civillans wagons

Re: Re: Suggestion for a new roman set

that the idea i support strongly . BACK TO multiple poses sets. Roman Command Set.1st/2nd AD, 3rd AD and 4th/5th AD.

Re: Re: Re: Suggestion for a new roman set

I'm with you guys.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Suggestion for a new roman set

Yes, a Traditional Strelets*R Command Group of Roman Commanders and Other Officer/Flag Bearers, etc box with 48 unique poses, or a set that includes a "Period Famous Scene" with somewhat fewer than 48 poses would be neat.

Can't wait until the S*R Mates put it out! I'm in complete support of above recommended requests.

Happy Collectors We Are

Gotta be Roman Engineers

Road building group, Pallisade building group crucifiction group(amazing this torture became symbolic of the christian faith ) for emnemies of rome. Roman navigation and command group in covered wagon(see Gladiator movie)

Re: Gotta be Roman Engineers

The construction battalions are a must. If the legeonares are striped down enough, they can pass as slaves too. Perhaps even midievil engineers. A brick wall/sand bag with some timbers set, similar to the ESCI Field Excessories and including some multi-use multi use figures would work great.,

Re: Re: Gotta be Roman Engineers

We need Roman enemies.

All those nice Roman sets are in vain with no opposition.

Ancient Germans, Illyrians, Parthians, Sarmatians, Dacians, Hebrew, Iberians, Keltiberians, Lusitanians, Berber, Nabataeans, Palmyrians etc..

Re: Re: Re: Gotta be Roman Engineers

I am reading Norwich's Byzantium and it appears that the Romans were their own worst enemy.


Re: Suggestion for a new roman set