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2007 Strelets sure "unleashed h'e ll"

DAVE, yes ,What a year and so many 1/72 sets to pick from it seemed liek xmas every 4 months new sets being produced.Strelets "unleashed h'ell"(flash back to Gladiator movie say wouldnt you just die for a model of that stockade) on teh 1/72 enemies of Rome. I Kind of felt that there was always one particular set "missing in action, mutter mutter."chuckle.

While most of the world will be at peace I guess on Xmas some of us will sneak away from celebrations and to set their battlefield with some 1/72 enhancements . That is after another normal day at work no doubt for some of us.

Re: 2007 Strelets sure "unleashed h'e ll"

Here, Here. I'm still in love with the Strelets's French Army's Camp. They are quite acceptable next to the astonishing Strelets Cuirassiers sets.
Bye the way Hank,I'm glad you did not mention the Crimean Turkish Infantry.
Because you must know that it can be irritating to keep mentioning the Turkish Light Infantry.
I never mention the Crimean Turkish Infanty. You never hear me suggest that the Turkish Infantry standing in the 'Thin Red Streak' would make be buy an additional four sets. I never suggest that the Turkish Artillery are needed to complete the Battle of Balaklava.
You don't hear me saying I would buy bucketfuls of Turkish Infantry in Strelets*R and Mini sets.
No,not me. (then again I lie a lot)
Hang in there ol' chaps.
I think we are in for a surprise.
Best regards