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Three Cheers for Strelets ... "Hip hip hooray ... !"

I know I'm sounding silly here, but I just want to say this in appreciation to the S*R Team.

Strelets*R has done a "mind-blowingly wonderful" job in their Mini Sets so far. Even if you don't collect all of the eras they're producing, the art work and quality, and colors are just ... uhm - "Appetizing!"

I was just this week reading about some guys on another forum sniveling about the lack of good Cuirassiers, and it occured to me, the S*R Men have already produced 3 sets = 36 Cuirassier poses in both Summer and Winter Uniform, which includes "At Ease" and "Fighting Ready" poses.

Holy Cow. Has Cuirassier-dom ever been better. Who has been more prolific in giving 1/72 soft plastic fans one of the Coolest Uniformed Armed Forces ever in history, and in a great color too!

And one of the real, last, epic movies ever produced - "Ben Hur" by Cecil B. DeMille with Charlton Heston, and now we've got Romans to relive the screen experience (as kids, dioramists, wargamers or ?) literally with Atlantic soft plastic ships or Zvezda/BUM ships in hard plastic to re-create that awesome Sea-Battle with Catapults and Rams ... Wow!

If our S*R Mates died in a sandy fox-hole on a shallow beach with no protection defending their enthusiasm for trying to complete the Crimean War Range of sets alone and only, I'd kneel on my knees, and tell them, "You didn't die in vain; thank you!"

OK, a little dramatic maybe. But I want to encourage the continued production of whatever it is they are doing. So, how about a "To the S*R Mates - Hip, hip, hooray; hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray !!!"

Cheers and Thank You for the Soldiers who will one day become, my happy memories of better times ...

(Closing Sceene - "Head for the Guns Hank" escorting David to the door saying, "Yes, son, we've been having fun this year, but it's time to go home to your wife and think of some gifts for her ... " )

2007 Strelets sure "unleashed h'e ll"

DAVE, yes ,What a year and so many 1/72 sets to pick from it seemed liek xmas every 4 months new sets being produced.Strelets "unleashed h'ell"(flash back to Gladiator movie say wouldnt you just die for a model of that stockade) on teh 1/72 enemies of Rome. I Kind of felt that there was always one particular set "missing in action, mutter mutter."chuckle.

While most of the world will be at peace I guess on Xmas some of us will sneak away from celebrations and to set their battlefield with some 1/72 enhancements . That is after another normal day at work no doubt for some of us.

Re: 2007 Strelets sure "unleashed h'e ll"

Here, Here. I'm still in love with the Strelets's French Army's Camp. They are quite acceptable next to the astonishing Strelets Cuirassiers sets.
Bye the way Hank,I'm glad you did not mention the Crimean Turkish Infantry.
Because you must know that it can be irritating to keep mentioning the Turkish Light Infantry.
I never mention the Crimean Turkish Infanty. You never hear me suggest that the Turkish Infantry standing in the 'Thin Red Streak' would make be buy an additional four sets. I never suggest that the Turkish Artillery are needed to complete the Battle of Balaklava.
You don't hear me saying I would buy bucketfuls of Turkish Infantry in Strelets*R and Mini sets.
No,not me. (then again I lie a lot)
Hang in there ol' chaps.
I think we are in for a surprise.
Best regards