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Strelets' request

Yes - French cavalry would be well received, but so would Austrian, Prussian or Russian (especially early wars).

Lancers - big yes. Guard Lancers - even bigger yes.

PS- like the Cuirassiers. I bought the Big Box but need more, and more Russians!!!!

Re: Future French Lancers with "Czapka Cap" Crimean & French-Mexican War

If I may add after the fact, I'd love to see French Lancers who also wore the Czapka four-pointed cap. The example of thinking of was in the movie "Major Dundee" with Charlton Heston and Richard Harris. These were French military stationed in Mexico before and during the American Civil War, I suppose at the end of the Maxamillian era in Mexico.

The Czapka these Lancers wore were smaller, but very beautiful looking. The uniforms are simple. I hope these Frenchmen could be used for other campaigns also !!!

Thanks for reading this far ...