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Merry xmas to you too, maggot. Was not too old to get recalled to service ya p.rick

Whoa! Put Down That Gun Hank!!

Sorry Hank,
I wasn't trying to be insultin' or anythin' towards you.
I was trying to be comical.I was merely trying to point
out that we're all getting older (and crotchety) waiting for Strelets Team to come out with those Ottomans.
Rats!!! Just when I thought I had a hit!!!Well back to
the ol' song writing drawing board.

Paul K.

Re: Whoa! Put Down That Gun Hank!!

No probs i dont take things personally its all in jeste under the crescent and moon ...of course.Its good to laugh when teh tree shakes and we see what falls out on teh forum.chuckle

Re: To "Hank"

Hi Buddy,

Please e-mail me at:

Sorry, but I can't find your e-address. Look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers Mate! Dave Hennen

Re: Re: CW War Correspondent at Balaclava hears hymn being sung

Hi kert, great you've found a job for a while. succes with finding a fixed job.



kert, connect, network and get yourself in amongst those movie folk

Where there is movies there is $$$$$$$ Socialize and maximise your work.

Re: CW War Correspondent at Balaclava hears hymn being sung

Hi Hank
As you may now by title i askd more cash and i got fired. But next year i try to you Filmschool that they opend in Estonia so if i can get thre it yould be all rigth but now i have 2 questions does someone have DVD copy of a German film Dresden- das Infenro. I would really like to have one.

Re: Re: CW War Correspondent at Balaclava hears hymn being sung

Hey Kert,

Sorry to hear your news about your work. But don't worry! A bad job is like a bad girl friend. If she doesn't want you, then you sure as hell don't want her = If a company doesn't want you, then you sure as hell don't want them.

Find a company, or project, where they will compensate you (pay you) with something of equal value for your time.

Keep searching hard. Like fishing in the sea, there are so many fish, but you only need one! Keep fishing and find that "right one." It's out there.

Happy Collecting

Re: CW War Correspondent at Balaclava hears hymn being sung

Sadly its wery hard to find something

Re: To Kert and anyone else for that matter ...

... "Tough Times Don't Last; Tough People Do!"

Movie world status quo

Hey kert dont think teh grass is greener over here.I was dating a US tv network producer and she was not making what you would consider a good wage.It was an eye opener for me.Very competative and interns/students coming in every year to tv stations on low wages push out established workers, as they forever change the image to meet competitors leading edge for advertisng(major requirement).
It takes alot more than a 40 hour week(often unpaid) to get noticed and build a reputation. must Start small and walk tall.

Some tv people i knew in europe worked for some very good independent companies and they got in on the act by strating in make up,hairdressing and even catering.
They mix and network with the starts and get repeat work contracts.You need to have the skills they need though , little oor no room for learning curves.

The tv and movie companies are notably very mean.
The only people make big money are teh close director/production team and investors who fight the budget to minimum but expect maximum profits .Cut throat business world.