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Re: Re: Voila! & Oh my, oh my! ... Are there any better: French Cuirassiers (Summer Dress)

Of course, yes. Thank you for asking!

Re: Re: Re: Voila! & Oh my, oh my! ... Are there any better: French Cuirassiers (Summer Dress)

A set of french chasseur à cheval; line not guard; should also be nice.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Voila! & Oh my, oh my! ... Are there any better: French Cuirassiers (Summer Dress)

Line Lancers would be great. HAT's Chaussers are fine for me (altough only 4 poses) but their lancers were produced before they really hit their stride in terms of sculpting.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Voila! & Oh my, oh my! ... Are there any better: French Cuirassiers (Summer Dre

Yes French Lancers would be great
Regards Derek


I don't suppose, while we're on French cavalry, that I could persuade you to make the Guard Eclaireurs? I for one would be happy to have all three regts. in one set; that's still four poses. They are so hard to convert!
As for the lancers- absolutely; I'd buy a few boxes

Re: Eclaireurs

Hi Duco,
I second your proposal for Eclaireurs (Guard Scout
Lancers).I would like to see Lithuanian Tartars of the Guard, Chasseurs-a-Cheval Young guard squadrons,Horse
Grenadiers wearing greatcoats(winter dress)and Saxon
Zastrow Cuirassiers wearing capes.

Paul K.

Re: Re: Eclaireurs

Lithuanian Tartars-may be cool looking, but once again we'll have manufacturers going after some miniscule minor unit when there are many eras that are being unproduced, and when there are still major units within the Nap era that haven't been done. Please some sanity.

Re: Re: Re: Eclaireurs

Monsieur Bill,
Are you questioning my sanity ( can any grown man who
plays with toy soldiers be considered sane?)? If you go back a little bit on this post Strelets Team is asking us if there are any French line cavalry units we would like to see.
I would love to see French line lancers,chasseurs but I also think most of France's cavalry units have been covered by other manufacturers.Maybe Strelets team is systematically going to cover various other nation's cavalry units in the future.They seem to be on a French cavalry wave at the moment.There's no harm
in asking is there?

Paul K.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Eclaireurs

OK you got me on that one, sanity regarding toy soldiers is asking a bit much. I suspect that I will be shot at dawn by a 1/72 firing squad of Nap French Infantry.

Strelets' request

Yes - French cavalry would be well received, but so would Austrian, Prussian or Russian (especially early wars).

Lancers - big yes. Guard Lancers - even bigger yes.

PS- like the Cuirassiers. I bought the Big Box but need more, and more Russians!!!!

Re: Future French Lancers with "Czapka Cap" Crimean & French-Mexican War

If I may add after the fact, I'd love to see French Lancers who also wore the Czapka four-pointed cap. The example of thinking of was in the movie "Major Dundee" with Charlton Heston and Richard Harris. These were French military stationed in Mexico before and during the American Civil War, I suppose at the end of the Maxamillian era in Mexico.

The Czapka these Lancers wore were smaller, but very beautiful looking. The uniforms are simple. I hope these Frenchmen could be used for other campaigns also !!!

Thanks for reading this far ...