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Re: Give Me 2 Colors To Choose From, And I Will Choose Both !!! - But ... ???

The issue of which color is chosen for the figures only effects me indirectly since I paint mine. However, if multiple colors and co-ordinated colors result in more sales for the companies, we all profit, so I think it's a great idea.
If it does not disrupt the discussion may I ask what those of you who do not paint your figures do with them-wargame, display, or just look at and put away? I paint mine and then put them in boxes waiting for that "someday" when a major battle breaks out in my basement.

Ken Kasenter

Re: Re: Give Me 2 Colors To Choose From, And I Will Choose Both !!! - But ... ???

Perhaps we'll see CW Turks as the new bonus figures, each figure in a different color...

... surely the sight of bare plastic is not offensive in the 21st Century ...


Good question - what do I do with my hoard of hordes. I cut/paste/convert then game. I'm time-constrained and I hate painting so I tend to play and have fun - as I look out on my table just now, a flight of 4 Mig-15s (1/64th scale pre-painted) overflies an unpainted 1/96 Roskopf/EKO Soviet MR Company (10xBTR50s supported by 4xPT76s with a platoon of 4xT54's, a recon unit of 2xBTR40, a ZSU-23 and a fuel convoy in support, dismounted and command troops are Airfix Modern Soviets). They are securing three 15mm villages of unpainted stonecast buildings, amongst my styrofoam hills covered in the occasional painted (model railroad) trees, as well as providing security for the convoy. There are no engineering assets, the Russians are tending to not operate offroad but their aggressive Captain is getting troops to dismount when required. I also have heaps of Orion, Esci

The insurgents (unpainted Caesar and Orion 1/72 insurgents) await with a couple of prepainted 1/72 Cararama LandRovers to ambush the convoy.

And you want me to stop having fun and start painting???

Cheers, Frank

Re: ... surely the sight of bare plastic is not offensive in the 21st Century ...

I would never want such a thing. I sometimes feel like Frederick William, building an army that someone else may end up using. Painting relaxes me, but maybe I should put the troops to work.

Ken Kasenter

Ken, It's a hobby - each of us will have our own idea of what's fun to do!

... and hopefully we can maximise that fun time. I have a few responsibilities I have to do and lots of personal stuff I like to do.

I do sometimes envy those wonderfully painted armies of friends, at shows or in magazines ... but then I think of all the extra time I'd need to find.

Cheers, Frank