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"Battle of Lake Peipus" Contribution

Dear Krisztian Takacs,

Thank you to you and your partners for sending in the "Battle of Lake Peipus" diorama. Most impressive are the cracking ice and sinking victims, and also the casualties whose blood is soaking the surrounding ice and snow.

All of the details plus the incredible painting lends to it's authinticity as an actual battle ground in 1/72.

Cheers for sharing! - Dave H.

Re: "Battle of Lake Peipus" Contribution


Re: "Battle of Lake Peipus" Contribution

Thank you!
The list of my partners painter and builder is:
Schafer Zsolt
Uwe Wild
Alex (new sculptor of Valdemar)
Ivanyi Gabor
Tarr Gabor


Re: Re: "Battle of Lake Peipus" Contribution

This year we had an Ork-Diorama on the DUZI. Maybe "we" is the wrong word because most of our group decided not to be involved in such a thing and it was mostly the work of Peter Herfen. You can see photos from the diorama on different homepages (Fuhrmann, Benno from the Netherlands) but not here.

So I had time to help with Peipus. But there will be no other anual diorama from my side this year.




Great Diorama

Great work!

I was wondering about a few a of the miniatures, are the left-handed spear-wielding men in heavy coats and caps conversions or original figures?

Re: Great Diorama

What a masterclass!!!,looks even better than Eissenstein´s Alexander Nevsky.

Congratullations,no words to expres my devotion to this...ART.

Re: Re: Great Diorama

I like big dioramas.
Love the broken ice.
And it's good to see you can combine different companies and different ages.
Very nice!

Re: Great Diorama

A truly magnificent effort -- it brings back fond memories of growing up in Ukraine and watching "Alexander Nevsky" on television, as well as setting up the Battle on the Ice with the (historically inaccurate but very dynamic) Soviet-era plastic soldiers!

One questions for the artists -- I noticed horse archers from the Zvezda and (maybe) Italeri Mongol sets fighting on the Russian side. Is there any evidence that the Novgorodians had any allied contingents from the Horde or other Asian-equipped peoples fighting with them at the Lake? I don't recall reading about that, but would be delighted to be enlightened!

Re: Re: Great Diorama

Very impressive - looking forward to seeing more pics!
All together now;
"Peregrinus expectavi pedes meos in cymbalis..."

Re: Re: Great Diorama

Hi Samogon,

some Pruzzen warriors (Druschinik) fought on the side of the Russians. As old enemies of the Crusaders they were happy to do this.

On the other hand with the Danes (most of the Western forces were Danes) we have Tschuden warriors of which we have one figure in the Zvezda set.

Hopefully Osprey will bring out their MAA 436 Eastern crusades so that we can add more Danish knights.


Re: Re: Great Diorama

Thank you for your admission!

About the mongols, we read in the Osprey and in an old Soviet book I read that Nevsky made peace-agreement with mongols before the battle, so we decided to make more colourfull the diorama with this possible element.


Re: Great Diorama

They are the 'ungraded' LW figures.
Here you can see an article and photos about how I repair them:


Thanks TK

I had forgotten about those LW figures. I actually read your article before and considered converting them. But as you said they are quite expensive for having so few figures.