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Re: Re: Re: Great painting & great sculpting, too!

Just out of curiosity; what figure did you use for the officer?

Re: Great pictures

Hi Jon,Christiaan,Dave and Duco
first of all thank you so much for your messages.

Unluckily I didn't had enough time to paint all the figures of the fantastic new French Strelets sets. I really had fun with them. They have a kind of soul in my opinion.

I used kitchen salt for the snow in the ground and over the officer's shoulders. And as far as the rain and snow effects, they are made with Photoshop. My hobby often meets my profession .

The officer comes from the HYTTY's Napoleonic Polish Infantry. I did his cloak with simple plasticine.

Thanks again guys. And to Strelets too.


Really wonderful work of arts!

Dear Roberto:

Great job! I cant wait to see more contribution from you. Thanks for the idea of using the HYTTY officer figure.


Re: Great pictures

Especialy very nice and impressive the latest 2 compositions!

the temporary dioramas

Hi guys,
sorry if I sound too boring but THANK YOU! Really.

Unfortunately my sets are usually temporary, just made for a photo session, often in the kitchen's table.

It's nice to share ideas and visions with you.


Re: the temporary dioramas

Realy good job!

Clever trick the salt, especialy for the temporary dioramas.