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Re: New type of bonus figure

But I will! A miniset of Turkish infantry and for the Bonus figures some Greek legion in Russian pay?

Especially for a wargamer a clash between Greeks and Turks as at Eupatoria must be a hard fight to play.


by thunder

hEY mURAT THATS MESSED UP,dude you hit my button and such an idea will put me in an asylum chuckle.

WE;VE WAITED LONG ENOUGH FOR CW TURKS WITHOUT YOU EXTENDING THEIR RELEASE AS A BONUS FIGURE.when i read that i want to make a 1/72 voodoo doll of you and punish.

NOW I'M NOT SAYING I'M VINDICTIVE OF COURSE.I'd rather see a figure of a loaded mules(generic to most wars etc) which is incorporated in the sprue and utilises alot of the lost plastic WE PAY FOR.

Re: by thunder

Sorry everyone (especially to Hank)
I could claim that I was still under the influence of Morphine (I had just come out of Hospital)
But before you say it; I am going back to hospital, in a few weeks from now.
At least my comments have stirred things up a little,or a lot.
I really hope Strelets are paying attention. Surely they don't want all of this Forum communicating from various hospitals?
I won't mention the Crimean War Turkish Infantry ever again. Because it must be annoying to the Strelets Team that I keep NOT mentioning the Crimea Turkish Infantry.
They must be saying to themselves'That Murat is a nice chap; He never goes on about the Crimean Turkish Infantry.' Then someone at Strelets will say 'What Crimean Turkish Infantry?' and someone esle will say 'Precisely. Perhaps we should make them and they will be the best sculptures ever made.' Yes! but then that Hank chap will be pestering us for the Crimean Turkish Cavalry'. Then, the Strelets Team will say Let' make all the Turks and the Greeks, the Sardinians, and anyone else that had the slightest part to play in the Crimean War and then we can get on with whatever we want to do!'
Yours in pain

Re: New type of bonus figure

You're a bad man Mr Murat you know how unstable Hank has become with all the stress of waiting in his padded cell for his Turks.

I think the only cure would be if Hank finally had his box of Turks with a bonus figure of matron with a syringe to administer his medication.

Turkish iNF CW Figure list

Brian, I'd rather settle for the matron and a Martini.She can keep the syringe for injecting the molds with cloning dna for mass production.

My wish list for the Turkish Infantry would be all aggressive poses as the Russians rarely took them prisoner.

Produce a 2 step compromise

1>Strelets -R set (hq plus support plus mini set)

HQ Element
Officer mounted rearing horse instructing
Sergeant with a rallying plastron in musket above his head
Two figures running dragging casualty behind them
Officer ,drum,bugle, flag (Mini Command)
Semaphore team of 2-3

Mule with ammunition
Mule with stretchers and 2 casualties
Field Guns built into the sprue.(hello strelets designers ...savez ?)
4 gun crew equipment or alternative pose with ammunition box carriers
Plus Strelets-Mini Set

2> Turkish Infantry Mini Set
((Officer ,drum,bugle, flag (Mini Command))
Aiming Rifle (1 figure without fez)
loading Rifle (1 figure without fez)
Marching (1 figure without fez)
bayonetting (1 figure without fez)
Crouching ducking from fire 4(1 figure without fez)
Its all up to the 1/72 gods at Strelets now

Bonus figures?

How about some command figures for the russian and french chassuers in greats coats- I dunno- say 6 sets are released what about three with a french officer, drummer and standard beaerer in, anbd three with the russian.

Then do 2 mini boxes of turks like these, and put the officers in other sets, like these?

Re: Bonus figures?

hi Adam,yes it would be interesting to see some sort of configuration on offer for the collector.this would give both the dioramist and gamer the best of both types of sets.

I wish to god that the designers started to get hip incorprate a gun,limber horse as the sprue instead of the ever lumpy chunky pieces of plastic we end up with.

Surely the mold design software could be adapted easily enough TO USE AS BONES for the castings.

Re: Re: Bonus figures?

It would be nice if we could have Hank's face on the box for the Turkish set. Or even a figure of Hank as a Turkish officer.

Re: Re: Re: Bonus figures?

I second that, but be sure to read my reply 'by thunder ' above

Re: Re: Re: Re: Bonus figures?

Hey Murat,i always take things with a pinch of salt....especially teh raw meat etc.chuckle

Joking aside, sorry you are out of teh surgery.Madame la morphine is a truth drug , the queen of teh interrogation room so I hope you havent been talking to too many people about too many things,mon ami, especially with your back ground.

Like everything else it is a matter of time before pain too shall pass.The best aenesthetic is more beer
and a little cheer.Get well soon.

Re: Re: Re: Bonus figures?

Jan, my l'heurs du combat scarred face on a box would perhaps make a buyer violently sick. Even the ugliest of camels run away from me.(Often I think FiFi,bless her,maybe her eyesight may not be so good )

I think is great to see teh Strelets people on teh boxes ,in period costume involves their art and dedication to teh product will better promote.
There are far more worthy than i.