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Re: Re: The lonely picket

Trop tard, mes braves. La Garde recule! Sauve quit peut! *****!

Re: The Lonely Picket - Mon Legionnaires "Hank & Fifi"

"Head for the Guns Hank & Fifi" are the dreamers of the world, and of the Legion Etrangere. Both man and beast want purpose, and on this forum there is purpose, and respect, and friends, and support, and loads of fun.

Spectators watch Fifi carry Hank across the endless, vast, sands of the internet. Both of you, chew on your tobacco and grass, march all day, and recreate your dreams every night, under the stars, which only shine in the desert, and not in the city. At 3:00 AM you awake, to look up at the stars, and reaffirm your commitment to 1/72 immortality, and dream again.

Fifi cares not what your crazy purpose is. "Turks" she hears, and thinks "What or who are they?" as only a horse could. "But if it is important to Hank, then I shall carry him on my back for the rest of my life ... so long as He is happy." And they both have purpose ... but only in the 1/72 Legion Etrangere.

So, Hank and Fifi treck along on the sands of time and endless distance, fighting for what so few even know exists ... the 1/72 Turks, which do not even exist yet.

It will be a sad time that comes, when Hank looks Fifi in the eyes, brushes her mane, and says, "We ride beneath no more stars, you and I. Here are the Turks. All good things must come to an end!"

And she winnies in understanding ... and drops her head in sadness - until you utter under your breath ... "There still remains the Turkish Artillery - Ah hah!" And Fifi lifts her head, and winnies in excitement. And Mon Legionairres Hank and Fifi have purpose again!

... And so they carry on, under the lonely stars, to awake every night at 3:00 AM, and reaffirm their purpose for their march ... and carry on with their picket duty ... as true Legionnaires do !!!

Carry on with your duty and your dreams Hank & Fifi. Everyone loves a winner, everyone is a fan, and we await your time to shine ... Cheer-on Hank & Fifi ... follow your stars! For even in the Legion Etrangere, you both are never alone ... :-)

Sweet dreams Fifi ... and take care of our Hank. :-)

Re: Re: The Lonely Picket - Mon Legionnaires "Hank & Fifi"

Hi Dave,

can I hire you to tell my son fairytails? You are good in telling stories


Re: Re: Re: The Lonely Picket - Mon Legionnaires "Hank & Fifi"

Thank you, but No! Because you next will make a brother or sister for MaxL, and who could do better than that !!!

Cheers to you Papa, Uwe !!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: The Lonely Picket - Mon Legionnaires "Hank & Fifi"

Hank and Fifi, wake up!

It is Wedneday in Texas ... and we need to know your strategy for the rest of the week !!!

Your fans - Dave, Keiko, Mei-chan, Elsa, Queenie, and your other Legion Etrangere fans ... :-)

Smoke signals

Hi Dave Hank and FiFi are doing good,sitting on our meagre rations of hope and desire on TEH fURURE RELEASE page. Smelling teh smoke drifts 2 hours north from Santa Barbara watching teh smoke trail out at sea on teh horizon as teh sun sets.

Maybe just mmaybe they are smoke beacons telling us teh arrival of the Turkish Army at Eupatoria and Kalamta Bay in teh Ukraine.

Re: Smoke signals

Hi Hank,

I hope you and everyone else and families remain safe in San Diego and L.A. News has shown so much damage done by the fires. The satellite photos are just terrifying showing smoke reaching deep into the Pacific Ocean. So, please ...

Stay safe !!! Dave H.

Fire an outstanding ally

Many times in battle the grass/undergrowth catches fire and produces smoke and smouldering grass which can be quickly used to an adept commanders advantage.Depends on downwind/upwind and speed that this advantage is recognised.

But in night assaults(Forum Janitor , i said assaults not another word sounds the same ) it can be deadly silhouetting and screwing up night vision adding to the confusion and Smog of war.

Locally wells are drying as we have not had much rain(god its great)THE PAST 2 YEARS.