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Re: Russian Napoleonic staff figures--help!

just a suggestion to increase your numbers of mounted staff officers, adc's, couriers etc, you should have spare cavalry figures why not use these by trimming off unwanted details and painting as appropriate, prussian mounted officers in caps can be painted up as russians(in metal again Hinton hunt), a few head/body swops from infantry figures should supply infantry commanders etc. As to metal makers Newline Design produce Russian mounted generals, hope this helps
cheers old john

Re: Re: Russian Napoleonic staff figures--help!

The Italeri French staff set has some figures which are fairly easy to turn into Russians. Cavalry generals were usually in some sort of regimental outfit, and Art Miniaturen Prussians, particularly the ones in overcoats, can also be turned into Russians with a fairly simple paintjob.
Hope you'll post some pictures when it's all done!

Re: Re: Re: Russian Napoleonic staff figures--help!


Use the Strelets set of Russian commanders/ADCs

1. put some dismounted horses behind them to show they've dismounted or don't even bother

2. with the right paint job, I'm sure you can use figures like the Tsar to represent just another general. Maybe some minor conversions to add variety.

3. If you're feeling the need to really cut and paste, cut the Strelets French mounted set generals at the waist and replace with suitable looking Russians

Do Svydonya, Frank

Re: Russian Napoleonic staff figures--help!

John, Duco, frank,
some very workable ideas here.
Thank you very much.

Re: Re: Russian Napoleonic staff figures--help!

and don't forget the Italeri Russian - Austrian general staff. 2 mounted generals and 1 general on foot. and the pavlov officer could easily converted with a simple headswap.