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French dragoons in great coats

How about it, Strelets?
Given your success with greatcoated figures lately, how about a set of greatcoated French dragoons on standing horses?
Firstly, although there is already the excellent Revell & the ordinary HaT set of dragoons, there were many more dragoon regiments than cuirassier (about 30 at one time) & the coats & poses would make them distinctive from the other two sets.
I know someone will say the only difference between a greatcoated dragoon & a greatcoated cuirassier is a paint job but several of the Strelets' cuirassiers have breastplates showing.
Finally, you could include a figure in a bearskin: a pioneer.
How great would that be?

Re: French dragoons in great coats

Or a couple in bearskins, one pioneer and a few from the dragoons elite company who also wore bearskins! The more the merrier I say!

Great Idea DWB!