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better than nothing....

As a collector in love I m crying for some new items in 1:72!!!

Strelets: september is over
Emhar: what about your viking rovers and Prussian 1870 which were presented at the nuernberger toy fair???
Caesar: announced some for 2006 -never seen
No signal from Pegasus, IMEX, Lucky Toys (I really love!)
Orion: thought in Aug we will have the Cossacks and Volkssturm- Sept the Scytans???
Italeri planned to release their Art. sets WWII for mid of year- (better than nothing a picture from Italeri box art Austrian Inf 1800 -1805: that there will not be old stuff with a pair of new figures!!!!!
and HAT: What about your next releases and what about the WWII Artilleries which seem to be ready???

Re: better than nothing....

Hi Martin,

thanks for the Italeri link. My only fear is that the figures were being sculpted by the guy who made the Prussians...

Some new poses with helmet would be great, but the kneeling light infantrymen suggest the old Italeri pose. Let's see what comes out.

For the other manufactors have you tried to ask them?


Prepare for the worst, Uwe

Hi Uwe:

Given the recent "history" of Italeri's 1/72 releases, I wouldn't be surprised if we'll only get some old Austrians with helmets and maybe 3-4 new poses. I bet the new ones would be those marching poses + a drummer.

Rafa's box art is usually a very good indication of what the content of the box would be.

So, I'll keep my expectation very low....

Re: Prepare for the worst, Uwe

Did the austrian wore the rifle on the right side?

Re: Prepare for the worst, Uwe

I really hope that the set will be ok (made by the good sculptor, right size, usefull poses,...) as it would be one of the first set that could be used for the revolutionary wars (my favorite period).And the figures in helmets would be a nice addition to the existing ones.

Fingers crossed.

Re: better than nothing.... a little sunshine...

Dear Collectors

At Valdemars we can tell that our medieval army on march are in production and the first sprue has been produced and the second are being produced as I write, so hopefully soon we will be able to annonce the release ;0)

Regarding the other part of our business the we have 4 mounted and 9 dismounted brand new figures releasing later this month. And the first sets from our new ALEX series will release by beginning of november and these figures are fantastic!!! See them here:

Best regards

Re: Re: better than nothing.... a little sunshine...

Impressive masters Valdemar!

Re: better than nothing....

Hmmm..... the date for this new set of Austrians is interesting as the boxart pictures the marching Austrians wearing the old style hat with the large false peak. If im not mistaken thsi was the uniform the Austrians wore in the French Revolutionary Wars (Italian campaigns, Marengo). This would make this set appropriate for an earlier date, I would guess that it will have a good amount of new figures.

Emhars need to resculpt their FP Prussians

Disgustingly disappointed at these 2 dimensional scaled down TOY SOLDIERS .tHEY LOOK ,mORE LIKE WOODEN DOLLS.

Quality control sure was fast asleep when these got OUT THE MOLD.