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Re: Re: Crimean Turks

Mobsters and gunmen would be cool. Maybe with characters like Al Capone, John Dillinger, etc. Some of these could also end up as partisans/resistance in other wars.

On the Dark Ages I would also like Irish figures that would span the early centuries up to 1200 or so. And also a proper set of Picts since the two available are not so hot.

Medieval Tibetans with super heavy cavalry and horse archers to fight against T'ang China would also be nice. And while on the subject of T'ang China, how about some Koreans to also fight the T'ang?
As you can tell, I like Asiatic armies with heavy cavalry

Re: Weird Wish Lists??

-indians (american war independance)
-staff allied and axe (world war 2)
-indians camp
-american civil war(north and south)
-civilians (all periods)
-modern militia

Re: Re: Weird Wish Lists??


Native Africans (set like the friendly Eastern Indians from Imex) would be great,
also other sets like these for dif. periods (Arab, Europian for sev. periods).
But he, I would be lucky with any of the sets you guys asked for either!

Re: Re: Re: Weird Wish Lists??

Maybe an update of the Airfix Tarzan set, but with more natives carrying baggage etc. who could be used as bearers for colonial armies, rather than animals.

One problem with Dark Ages sets is that it's difficult to establish identifiable appearance for them; what did Brian Boru's army look like? My guess is that they'd look little different from their Viking enemies (and allies!). In fact virtually any European army of the time may have looked much the same.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Weird Wish Lists??

That is a very valid point reguarding the dark ages as well as other periods. My answer would be to pick one distict style of the time, arbitrarilly assign to it a nationality and cantury, then produce the a set as if it were the "uniform". Allowing of course, some variations for rank and things like that.

Sort of like doing a set of Romans exclusively in scale armour and calling then calling it the eastern legion, another in plate armour and calling them preatorians, still another in scale armour, segmented armour and so on.

As long as enough sets are done to cover the major/significant styles.