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Turcos/Algerians in the Crimea

Check this out about the Algerian turcos regiments plight in teh Crimean War.

Re: Turcos/Algerians in the Crimea

Hi Hank,

a very good link!

Especially in the footnotes is an interesting book to search for:

Laurence Oliphant: The Trans-Caucasian Campaign of the Turkish Army Under Omer Pasha, London, 1856


Re: Re: Turcos/Algerians in the Crimea

BTW Hank,

have I sent you the small booklet "The true heroes of Balaclava" from the Crimean war research society with a description of the fighting in the redoubts?


Re: Re: Re: Turcos/Algerians in the Crimea

Uwe, is this a first hand account? That's the type of history I like to read; from the mouths of those that lived it.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Turcos/Algerians in the Crimea

Hi Scott,

I don't know any Turkish account on the fight at the redoubts. If you like I can send you scans of the article, it is more facts with some info from Russian sources.

Send me a mail if you are interested in.