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Cuirassiers' dress

Let me understand.
We have had those guys in winter dress (set #089), and in "normal" dress (big set #084), so what are we expected to get with future set #094 ("French Cuirassiers in Summer Dress")?
Same figures as big set #084, but without Russian Dragoons? Or something still different? Maybe no cuirasses worn? Weren't difference between French Napoleonic, winter and summer dresses, only painting ones?

Re: Cuirassiers' dress

In an earlier post it was said that the Cuirassiers in Summer Dress will be like the ones in the Borodino set, but in charging poses rather than the standing poses in that set.

Re: Re: Cuirassiers' dress

Sorry I've missed that post.
Sounds like too much heaven, after a thirty year of poor Cuirassier sets.
Thank You.

Re: Re: Re: Cuirassiers' dress

Actually they will be wearing shorts and swimming trunks as they take their well earned rest bathing in the Mediteranean near Toulon.
'Enjoy mon braves'

Re: Re: Re: Re: Cuirassiers' dress

An interesting image. I am not looking forward to painting all those Hawiian shirts though :-)