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Re: Re: Are we having Turkey for Christmas

Oh dear.... I wont build up any hopes or count chickens .I do hope that maybe the sculptors with their early arabic and turco costumes etc recently released may have helped any attempt to make good turkish cw represented figures.

If ever an Army was under represented in History it must be the Turkish & Ottoman considering the mass of land they controlled.

psst Brian , i put another zero on the end of the check.Donald if i recall there seemed doubt raised last time strelets were questioned about producing CW Turks as they had a decision to make. And so we wait for SCRAPS of news then release then availability then shipping.time to rub the Crystal ball again.

Here, here. Bring on the Turks and all other CW sets.

I'll buy 'em.

Re: Here, here. Bring on the Turks and all other CW sets.

Hey Scott i reckon it will be March/Easter before we here anything else cw wise. I dread strelets pushing out the smallest represented units like british guardsmen and rifle regiment.Just Watch me bang my head thru the wall if that occurs.. chuckle. That doesnt really expand the range just isolates it more.

A basic Turkish Army inf art cav would obviously widen the use of the Russian figures.I am strugling to understand the logic of what has been produced and the poor customer pr which gets quickly forgotten for a while under the arrival of a oile of figures from folklore years etc.

These Strelets figures are becomming more frustrating for me to collect than the Hinton Hunt range i chased for years.AH WELL adds to the fun of it.

Re: Re: Here, here. Bring on the Turks and all other CW sets.

Hi Hank. The good thing is that Strelets confirmed a week or so ago that they intend to complete the CW range. Bad news is that we have been waiting for so long. Fortunatley the Valley of Death set will be here soon. I have a feeling that Strelets is going to drop a bunch of CW sets on us at once.

Do you have the Emhar CW French and Zouaves? How are they?

Essential Turks and all other CW sets.

Hi Scott Emhars figures are good as they depict troops as moving in difficult terrain ,facing the uphill Sebastopol defences was rough country uphill and under fire.Many dont like the Emhars poses but unless you've been in the military you wouldnt really appreciate how exhaustive it is being under fire and even worse....caught in crossfire . No place for parade ground antics.Just advancing ducking shot shell tripping over wounded and rocks.etc especialy when little or no solid cover. The muskets length in undergrowth could tangle and trip one up as well if not held appropriately. Most troop assaults were frontal and uphill towards the Russian Defences.Only problem with the emhars weapons are they are thin and paint flakes off them easily.

After Turkish Infantry I aspire to see CW Allied Artillery produced ponder...

1st Allied Set
1 gun British RFA gun limber and crew,
2 guns a Royal Horse Artillery gun limber and foot and limber crew drivers and caisson and
1 gun Royal Navy gun and crewed with Sailors Marine sentries.
horse drawn carts laden with ammo/supplies

2nd Allied set
2 guns French Artillery 2 limber and caisson
1 gun Turkish Artilery crew limber
1 gun Sardinian crew limber
A signal /heliograph-semaphore tower/ be good for command set also

these sets could comprise a Strelets BIG BOX 900 series
RHA could be used as French Artilery vice versa
this lot being produced would really shut me up...chuckle

Re: Essential Turks and all other CW sets.

Hi Hank!

I bought the Imex Mexican Round Hats. This plastic is as brittle as hard plastic. The lances bend once, twice, and fall off.

Do you have, and can you tell me if the Emhar French sets are of the same poor-quality plastic? How many bendings/tweaks can a rifle or thin weapon take before breaking off?

Thanks in advance - Dave H.

Re: Re: Essential Turks and all other CW sets.

Hi Dave,Metal is the better option so far .Lets say the emhars make good "casualties".

Maybe Hats figures will be better.I hope to god.....