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Neverending Story

While waiting on Strelets Turkish Infantry this weekend i base painted (1st coat)
B&B Franco Prussian Turcos and French Line Figures are mixing well with Strelets CW French.
Brookhursthobbies in LA/Annaheim(yes near Disney) run out of the figures
Have separated Strelets Zouaves and Turcos.And now made separate Battalions.
B&B French Dragoons are a raw metal mess and will need alot of knife work.
I also was lucky obtain 16 old metal CW Turkish Infantry figures thru Uwe so at least i have 1 company.
Next move is to base and then apply the second coat where i try and bring teh figure to life a little by blocking and shading etc.

Okay tis Company of Turkish Infantry are pretty lonely and need some more.

PS Great movie and super music by Giorgio Moroder

Re: Neverending Story

Great Movie, but it HAD to end.

didn't they make sequels?

As a title it reminds me of 'The MapleLeaf Forever'.
Spike Milligan was once asked if he could play the MapleLeaf Forever. He said, "No. I get tired after a few hours."

Re: didn't they make sequels?

Hi Hank,

what have you had to pay for the BB figures? If I would order BB directly from the producer I will get a poor man. Last year I ordered some samples and was not really happy about the quality which I got.
These are the most expensive figures on the market and in my eyes not the best.


Re: Re: didn't they make sequels?

go to see b&b figures in a to z index,
Larry( will email you availability he's doing 50% off.
and some at 75% off(other ranges)
cavalry are poor.

ttfn hank

No Not sequels...crusades

Well, I confess I'm drifting back into metal, as wont be anything else Strelets or anyone else producing much CW(into valley not in usa til feb going by last 2 years wear on the carpet) until March 2008 maybe , unless of course we get another stampede of cavalry from somewhere out of the blue.I'm determined to finish this collection AND GET GAMING WITH IT.kARS SEIGE IS A MUST with turk inf and artillery plus the actions against teh russians along OLD Trajan's wall in Romania.


Xbox 360 crashed (3 red rings = hardware fault) so while tahts away = painting to catch up.Pity on last phase of game at Flaksturm (tres dificile).Recommend game, either get abotched or greasedlanding.Should be with my refurbished xbox by november....a few more war games out by then.oNLY WEEK AGO I BURNT OUT THE TRIGGER and had to replace it..

So looking out for whats on ebay 20mm cw metals etc .Something always turns up.

Re: No Not sequels...crusades

Hi Hank,

thanks for the tip, it will make me poor to order all this stuff for such a price...

Be patient, I guess Strelets will bring the Turks in 2008. If not we will visit them eh?