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Every 1/72 collectors dream

Imagine a model maker that made top down collections.
scenery, main buildings(eg Malakhov Bastion) ,type of earth fortifications ,type of defence obstacles,transport of the era, and two balanced opposing armies.Scenery mats to match the local agriculture/terrain etc

Limited proper period 1/72 scenery and dioramas are preventing hobby expansion.

Who will be the first manufacturer to achieve this in 1/72.

Re: Every 1/72 collectors dream

Nice idea but I would prefer if producers keep concentrate doing toysoldiers, machinery, and other staff more difficult to make D.I.Y. Especialy considered the usual high cost of these kits.

After have learned the right tricks, materials and techniques I was amazed of how cheap, easy and quick is to do myself buildings fortifications and all this kind of stuff.
For many kinds of buildings it's even quicker than assembly a kit.

With a minimal practice I got excellent results that look more realistic than many commercial kits.

I perpeared a tutorial about it on, when it will be pubblished I'll post a message.


Re: Re: Every 1/72 collectors dream