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Problem with Armies in Plastic

Did AIP ever correct the error of the thin bases attached to their figures? Their WWI US Infantry figures were nice but within a week the bases started warping horribly.

A good 3/4th's of the figures cannot stand on their own.

Re: Problem with Armies in Plastic

Hi Patrick, I didn't have that problem with AIP bases: seemed OK to me. I understand that the Business has changed hands, or is in the process of doing so. I don't know if this is true, but I also heard they were going to 8 poses per set(retaining 20 tfigs to a box) to speed up new releases. I wish them well with it: they certainly brought to the hobby a whole new vitality, I wish they'd do other scales as well.

Re: Re: Problem with Armies in Plastic

Dear Patrick & John,

Strelets*R has been so good about focusing on color and color quality for us, that I had hoped they might think about using their moulds for a little additional cash flow, and additional sets in other colors with minimal effort (I can only assume) on their part.

S*R's sculpting is far better than AIP's. AIP has hung around for one or two decades with a very simple business philosophy/model, and I only hope S*R will consider it.

My primary purpose here is that hopefully from our "Forum Round Table Discussions", we may actually hit on an idea that Strelets will benefit from. When they succeed, we all succeed.

I would like to humbly inquire - Strelets*R ... What are your thoughts to this idea?

Cheers Mates and thanks in advance!

Re: Re: Re: Problem with Armies in Plastic

Dear Dave,

thank you for your suggestion.
Obviously you are generating good suggestions much quicker than we manage to bring them in life. We have to make your field fortifications first before coming to a new one.
We don't object to your idea in principle, we can make the new sprues in other colours when we will make re-issues.

Best regards,


Re: Re: Re: Re: Problem with Armies in Plastic

Field fortifications would be awesome! Please don't use cheap material like BUM. Soft plastic would be great.

Different plastic colors gets my vote too.

Re: Re: Re: Re: To S*R Colors of Plastic and other ideas

Dear Strelets*R,

You made my day! I am very encouraged by your kind message. Field Fortifications should be popular with all of your customers, regardless of era. After all, the idea is as old as dirt itself. :-)

One last point on colors, maybe you recall that a short-lived company called "Marxmen of England" produced one sprew of ACW Infantry. They produced it in 4 colors and then A Call To Arms took over the mould and produced it in a 5th color: Dark Blue & Light Blue (Union & Zouaves), Dark Red (Zouaves), and Gray & Butternut (Confederates). My supplier at the time would only sell me a limit quantity in each color. Today, ACTA only sells the one Light Blue color. I just love them all. I also love Orions Chinese Boxers in colors. TSHQ once told me he sells more of each sets when offered in choices. Link:

I would love to have Romans (Red, Blue, Silver, Gray), Knights (Silver, Gray) & ACW (Blue, Gray, Butternut, and Red) & Colonial (Khaki Tan, Red, Mid-Blue) Crimeans ... I wish more people would come out in support of the idea. Thank you for listening and I look forward to your future sets!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: To S*R Colors of Plastic and other ideas

You got a good advisor with David. With all those Roman civil wars it makes entirely sense to have Roman troops in slightly different colors. The same goes for ACW, different color menas different army, still using the same uniform.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: To S*R Colors of Plastic and other ideas

Preach on brothers. I have more troops than patience to paint. Bring on the colors so I can build my armies.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: To S*R Colors of Plastic and other ideas

Hi Strelets

I paint stuff so colour doesn't bother me but I was interested that you mention re-issues. I thought the reason you did limited issue sets was because the molds would not stand up to massive production runs. Am I wrong? In the future might you re-issue sets that had proved popular? Or, do you mean you would re-tool a completely new set on an old subject?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: To S*R Colors of Plastic and other ideas

Dear Graham,

initially the molds weren't able to sustain big production runs, these days they are longer-lasting. Now the market demand is a limit more than anything else. In theory, we can re-issue some sets if the demand is there. Having said that, we should mention also that some of the molds for earlier sets were destroyed and no re-issues are possible.

Best regards,