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Russian (cossack) cavalry ww1

Hi all,

Did the Russian cavalry had a standard colour for its greatcoats? (Gray-green, as in Krisztian Takacs's winter Don Cossacks contribution) Or was there some variation? (yellow khaki, or ochre for example)

And what about the epaulets and marks on the greatcoat collars? The box art of the winter don cossacks shows them blue. was that the same for all don Cossacks, or particular to the division or regiment they belonged to? And the figure on the box art in the background has red epaulets. (and an ochre great coat.)

Thanks in advance,


Re: Russian (cossack) cavalry ww1

Hi Christiaan,

The officer from the Stretes set is a real character. You can find picture of him in the Osprey book. He is exactly the "Warrant officer, 17th Don Cossack Regt General Baklanov, 1914."
The great coat of the officers was okker but I read they offen wear their own decorated coat, so I painted it black.