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Re: Battle Formations - Your suggestions are welcome

Great idea!
You can consider the Boxer rebellion with the european and japanese army partecipating the colonial war.
Maybe a new set of foreing legion...or the Reinassance period with the mercenary troops, Italian Principates, etc..

Re: Re: Battle Formations - Your suggestions are welcome

Yes and I suggest to improve ancient armies in general.

I mean not only romans, but etruscans, oscans, samnites, apulian and italian greek city states armies.

All that above could form a great representation of ancient Italy for a period between V and III century BC.

Critical success factor would be 'poses'. I mean all suitable for a falanx formation for greek based culture armies or maniple formation for italic/samnites culture armies. We could re-create Samnite wars against Rome V - IV century BC. Also early roman army suitable to fight against that populations would be fine. Osprey library is really full of excellent examples.

I am a little bit italian focused but other countris ancient armies are welcome.

With all my best congratulation for the initiative.

Stefano Marzi

Re: Battle Formations - Your suggestions are welcome


I'd like to put my name in the hat for:

(1) Russio-Japanese War, and
(2) Spanish-American War.

Caesar has listed them for years, but they are not in line for 2008 even, so what decade (?), and BUM's got a negative review and feedback for the one set they did make in poor-quality plastic. I e-mailed BUM and they kindly and politely replied that other sets are being made for now, and they don't know when they will come back to Spanish-American War. Caesar never responded to my question but have posted updates for 2008, so - Nothing for the forseeable 2-3 years.

Please, please, please put these two themes in your Futures.

Thank you for listening! :-)

Re: Re: Battle Formations - Your suggestions are welcome

Yes, we need formations for Russo-Japanese war of 1905 and Spanish American War: no one seems to be doing these despite the demand. Please, Strelets, put your talents to work in this area!

Re: Re: Re: Battle Formations - Your suggestions are welcome

If we're on the general subject of new sets can I put in a word for Conquistadore artillery?
Or just generic European artillery from the 16th century, as I don't think there are any such sets available.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Battle Formations - Your suggestions are welcome

Any napoleonic battle line.... Troops were more usually in line than anything.... during a battle.

Up to 1914 lines were the common attack formation so any new units, french colonial marines for african campaigns, german Schutztruppe in East Africa in WW1, anything handy between 1650 and 1918.