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Re: Re: Battle Formations - Your suggestions are welcome

I appreciate particulary Strelets sets as they include many uncommon poses, they may be useless for wargamers but very good for dioramas, surely a less commercial and very original choice, much more interesting than the usual marching or shooting figures, we're already plenty of these.

They allow much more live dioramas, and save a lot of work doing hard conversions for realise such particular and non strictly tactical poses.

But there's always some new ideas for strange, particular and uncommon poses, the immagination of us very demanding modellists is unlimited, it would be impossible to make a pose for all, but there's a way to help to do this.
I wish it could be included one completely neutral pose, possibly for each uniform, in a position like the "vitruvian man" of Da Vinci, with straight arms and legs well separated from the standing body, so we could simply bend body, head, arms and legs in the needed position for any unavailable pose.

Similarly for the common tactical poses, there are some kind of common poses that can be easily bended more or less, is good to avoid the horrible regular look when there are too many toysoldiers in the same position.
They are the ones with arms and legs well separated from the body with deep sottosquadra, I know they are the most difficult to produce for the complex moulds, but they are much better and of a superior quality than the ones with full parts in the place of cavities... they'r tipical in some very commercial productions that don't care much for quality, luckely not in Srelets.

Another good idea could be separate arms to be assembled to make variations, and some spare different heads.
The (impossible perhaps) set of my dreams would be even with separate torsoes from legs, so we could change the same pose in standing, kneeling, walkimg, running etc.

Re: Battle Formations - Your suggestions are welcome

Always nice to see a company asking their customers-feedback for future products!

7YW - Prussian, Austrian, Russian, French, ... firing/advancing lines + marching. Just to start a 7YW line finally!
Spanish Tercios - pike and musket lines in defense & advancing.
WWII - Soviet (early & late), British (early & late), US, Japanese, Polish, French (1940), Romanian, Italian troops marching/advancing.
WWI - German (early & late), French, British, Russian, Osman, Italian, Serbian troops marching/advancing.
Napoleonic - Prussian, Russian, Saxon, Austrian, French, British, Bavarian, Swedish, ... firing/advancing lines (squares) + marching sets.
Greek & Macedonian Phalanx - suitable & individual sets appropriate for different eras, citys/countries would be great!
30YW - pike & musket lines defending + advancing.
War of the Spanish Succession - French, Habsburgian, ... firing/advancing lines.
Romans - from different eras (not just republican) in marching, ready, "fighting/defending-line" poses would be welcomed!
Franco Prussian War - different Prussian, Bavarian, Württemberger, ..., French units in firing/advancing poses and marching.
... and if I think of it many units from different nations for many some more conflicts/wars/eras come to mind...


Re: Battle Formations - Your suggestions are welcome

Great idea!
You can consider the Boxer rebellion with the european and japanese army partecipating the colonial war.
Maybe a new set of foreing legion...or the Reinassance period with the mercenary troops, Italian Principates, etc..

Re: Re: Battle Formations - Your suggestions are welcome

Yes and I suggest to improve ancient armies in general.

I mean not only romans, but etruscans, oscans, samnites, apulian and italian greek city states armies.

All that above could form a great representation of ancient Italy for a period between V and III century BC.

Critical success factor would be 'poses'. I mean all suitable for a falanx formation for greek based culture armies or maniple formation for italic/samnites culture armies. We could re-create Samnite wars against Rome V - IV century BC. Also early roman army suitable to fight against that populations would be fine. Osprey library is really full of excellent examples.

I am a little bit italian focused but other countris ancient armies are welcome.

With all my best congratulation for the initiative.

Stefano Marzi

Re: Battle Formations - Your suggestions are welcome


I'd like to put my name in the hat for:

(1) Russio-Japanese War, and
(2) Spanish-American War.

Caesar has listed them for years, but they are not in line for 2008 even, so what decade (?), and BUM's got a negative review and feedback for the one set they did make in poor-quality plastic. I e-mailed BUM and they kindly and politely replied that other sets are being made for now, and they don't know when they will come back to Spanish-American War. Caesar never responded to my question but have posted updates for 2008, so - Nothing for the forseeable 2-3 years.

Please, please, please put these two themes in your Futures.

Thank you for listening! :-)

Re: Re: Battle Formations - Your suggestions are welcome

Yes, we need formations for Russo-Japanese war of 1905 and Spanish American War: no one seems to be doing these despite the demand. Please, Strelets, put your talents to work in this area!

Re: Re: Re: Battle Formations - Your suggestions are welcome

If we're on the general subject of new sets can I put in a word for Conquistadore artillery?
Or just generic European artillery from the 16th century, as I don't think there are any such sets available.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Battle Formations - Your suggestions are welcome

Any napoleonic battle line.... Troops were more usually in line than anything.... during a battle.

Up to 1914 lines were the common attack formation so any new units, french colonial marines for african campaigns, german Schutztruppe in East Africa in WW1, anything handy between 1650 and 1918.