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Strelets test crash dummies

Okay dudes, I look upon these here lost world arabic figures as being test crash dummies for producing the CW Turkish Infantry.

Re: Re: Crusades era Byzantines

Juba, Juba, Juba!

Right you are. Let's not forget Strelets's Russian warriors, which can also be used as Byzantine mercenaries.

Of course I also agree with Uwe, that we'd need early Byzantine troops as well, with a command set including Generals Belisarius, John and Narses, Emperor Justinian and his spouse Theodora. Prokopius, the historian. Cethegus and Boethius, the Roman traitors. A Byzantine imperial court with officials, scribes, Orthodox priests, body guards, dancers, musicians and slaves. Also, I'd like a civilian set to depict the cultural and ethnic diversity of Constantinople before it was sacked by the Seldjuks. Greek merchants, Armenian fishermen, a Jewish Rabbi, Venetian sailors, a Galatian family...

Also a set with Germanic, Persian and Hunnish leaders wouldn't hurt - for hopefully all those sets will follow. The Hunnish General Bessas would be nice, so would be King Geiserich for the Vandals, Totila/Baduila, Theoderich, Hildebrand etc. for the Goths.

But I can certainly wait, even a few years if needed. I'm already thrilled about Strelets' current output.