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French Cuirassiers

I also find Strelets did a good job with the 2 recent releases of cuirassiers. The details are suberb, never seen with Strelets figures. But one thing is disturbing me,the legs of the horsemen are way too short.Especially the cuirassiers in winterdress. It suprises me nobody mentioned it.
Not even a word of criticism in the PSR revieuw.

The drawning on the box is how it should be:
I hope Strelets will fix this mistake in his coming releases of cavalerie.

Re: French Cuirassiers

You're right Daniel, beautiful figures, but to short legs and the men fit not very well to there horses. I had to cut away large parts of the saddles let them fit.



Re: Re: French Cuirassiers

This is similar to the short arms issue I posted earlier.
Strange that PSR praises Caesar for anatomically correct figures, but seems reluctant to pull up other producers for shrunken limb syndrome.

Re: French Cuirassiers

Hi Dan, Chris and Puppeteer,
The short legs on the winter dress cuirassiers are the
only disappointment on these otherwise fine sculpts. I'm seriously thinking about cutting off the legs on these guys and lengthening them with epoxy sculpting putty.It might be a little more trouble than its worth though.
So Strelets R team get the message out to Mr. Derbilov we want longer (anatomically correct) legs.

Paul K.

Re: Re: French Cuirassiers

And arms.

Don't forget the arms.

The laughable little stumps on some of the mini series sets really put me off buying them. A great pity because I really liked the way Strelets made the effort to produce ancient and medieval soldiers who really looked like they were in a battle (i.e facing the enemy side-on).