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Re: Re: Re: What is a Barbarian?

I'm thinking 1st BC to maybe as late as 2nd AD. Yeah, spears and javelins, of course. A couple of swords, probably of celtic or roman manufacture, but no more than that! Mostly, I'm tired of naked savages and fur-clad cavemen; the first was probably reasonably common in the foot, the second is just ludicrous. The Romans do mention naked germans and fur-clad germans, but, from what little I know of dress, they may have been referring to fur-lined capes! Armour would have been pretty rare; chieftains only sort of thing, with "knights" wearing an occasional helmet and most sticking to just a shield. Suevian knots and probably other, less well known hair styles would be nice. But Strelets has made a speciality of many poses- that's the most important thing to me!

Re: Re: Re: What is a Barbarian?

Many congratulations to you and your wife on the arrival of the "little modeller".
Having been soaked and frozen on many's a military exercise in Germany, I appreciate your sentiments about your ancestors' dress!

Naked, I say!

Hi, Uwe,
I'm not sure I should comment on your naked great-great etc grandfathers but I could tell you stories about my Auntie Maggie, a notorious naturist.
As for naked German warriors, why not?
The Celts would strip off to show their contempt for the enemy.
And as for being oblivious to the cold, Tierra del Feugans & Tasmanian aborigines both would brave Antarctic conditions clad in little or nothing.
I think we're just softies today & don't appreciate our hardy forebears.

Re: What is a Barbarian?


all the populations who pretended to be more civilised than the others called the foreigners barbarians.

I remember the ancient greeks started to call all the foreigners barbarians because they did not understand their languages (so the sound for the greeks was a kind of barr barr barr....). The Romans for example were barbarians for the Greeks and the Greeks were considered a sort of decadent people to the Republican Romans('Graecia capta ferum victorem coepit et artes intulit agresti Latio')

Celts and Germans were 'barbarians' to the Romans.

Well, I think it is too much semplicistic to name 'barbarian' a population that you don't know.

I think we should study them a little bit more...

But in the meanwhile as a modeller and a Roman descendent enemy I will buy the ancient naked Germans because they are 'naif', full of freedom and I like them.

Salus et honor vobiscum sit.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Ultra-fresh announcements from Strelets

Very surprised that you don't see a market for Byzantines - it's one of the most popular armies and with Hat making noises about producing them then I think they would increase in popularity. Question is whether early or late? Hat are going early and I reckon Strelets could get in on the act with the appropriate cavalry as this seems to be becoming a real strength of yours. Am I wrong to think Byzantines would be popular? What do other people say.

PS Bit belated but many congratulations Uwe.


Les bataves sont en train d'arriver....

Crusades era Byzantines

I believe crusades era (roughly 1000-1300)Byzantines would be a big seller. I constantly see people decrying the lack of these troops. They would also tie in great with Strelets other new crusades sets.

A mini-set of ground troops (spearmen), another mini-set of archers and a set of heavy cavalry to complete the line.

Strelets Turcopoles, Turks, Normans and Vikings (Vangarian Guard) are already there for the large mercenary presence in the Byzantine Empire.

Anyone else agree with me?

Re: Crusades era Byzantines

Agreed, Juba.
Byzantines seem to be the most obvious gap in figure lines now.
I'd agree with your Crusade-era Byzantines but I think Early Dark Ages Byzantines would be a "must" also.

Re: Re: Crusades era Byzantines

Absolutely!! Byzantines for the Crusades to complete Strelets range and Hat should produce early Byzantines as enemies for their Gotic warriors. Belisar etc.

1000 years of history can't be covered in just a few sets.

Thanks guys for the wishes!


Strelets test crash dummies

Okay dudes, I look upon these here lost world arabic figures as being test crash dummies for producing the CW Turkish Infantry.

Re: Re: Crusades era Byzantines

Juba, Juba, Juba!

Right you are. Let's not forget Strelets's Russian warriors, which can also be used as Byzantine mercenaries.

Of course I also agree with Uwe, that we'd need early Byzantine troops as well, with a command set including Generals Belisarius, John and Narses, Emperor Justinian and his spouse Theodora. Prokopius, the historian. Cethegus and Boethius, the Roman traitors. A Byzantine imperial court with officials, scribes, Orthodox priests, body guards, dancers, musicians and slaves. Also, I'd like a civilian set to depict the cultural and ethnic diversity of Constantinople before it was sacked by the Seldjuks. Greek merchants, Armenian fishermen, a Jewish Rabbi, Venetian sailors, a Galatian family...

Also a set with Germanic, Persian and Hunnish leaders wouldn't hurt - for hopefully all those sets will follow. The Hunnish General Bessas would be nice, so would be King Geiserich for the Vandals, Totila/Baduila, Theoderich, Hildebrand etc. for the Goths.

But I can certainly wait, even a few years if needed. I'm already thrilled about Strelets' current output.