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Re: Stretlets Set Suggestion

Agreed, Africa is under represented. But don't exclude West Africa, especially the King of Dahomey's Amazon Guards!

Re: Re: Stretlets Set Suggestion

And do not forget the WaHeHe which gave us the first bloody nose in our colonies!

Dear Strelets, if you are interested in this stuff, I can send you a lot of material about the tribes.

Hm, Dahomey's fighting French Tirallieurs Senegalese and Foreign legionaries....


Ashanti Wars & invisible figures

There's always Sir Garnet Wolsey's opponents: the Ashanti.
From primary source accounts, the jungle was so thick that the British rarely or never saw their opponents & just blazed away when fired upon, so an Ashanti army might be furnished from an empty box.
You'd just need a skull throne for the British to capture at Campaign's end.