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Latest S*R Team Releases Quality & Eras vs. Previous Requests

The latest masters by the S*R Team are very beautiful and desirable beyond belief, for those who are interested in those eras.

I especially love the poses where the kneeling warriors are awaiting the charge from the cavalry enemy.

But I have to agree with Hank and others below:

1. Where are the sets we have been asking for?
2. Why is there no Colonial Brits in the same poses?
3. Why have all the Brits in Colonials been the poorest?
4. Why have there not been great "Crimean War" & "Colonial Wars" figurines "Masters" up to the latest quality for us who have been asking for them for so longm, ie CW Turks and Brit Bearskins Infantry?

Please surprise us and tell us they are in the works.But honestly, how foolish must your best supporters and customers grovel before we get a response from the S*R Team?

Please share with us, a hint of your future plans. This is not a bashing towards your fine S*R Team at all. Already you are a "Well Established & Popular" producer of 1/72 HO figurines. But if you want us to accept the Big Box sets just to get the most desired of sets, such as the "French Cuirassiers" then share with us your pains as a producer. We all want to support you, but share with us your experience.

After my sniveling, and listening to other's sniveling below, you owe it to "Your Fans" to enlighten us a little as to the future. It truly hurts me personally to say this, but patience is thin.

Again, my compliments to your sculptors for the most very fine masters just posted. Unfortunately for me they are not of an era of my interest (cept for some conversions).

All the best to all of us - Dave H

Re: Conversely ... ... ... ?

HaT goes to extreme lengths to communicate it's future intentions.

Anyway, I for one, and maybe alone, would appreciate just a hint from you.

If the S*R Team is in trouble, hence the Big Boxes, then maybe we should be communicating better.

I had supported and wanted the French Curirassirs although I'm not a Napoleonics Wargamer but to have to pay ... for Big Box for one set, ?.

Give me single sets, and I'm like a clam at high tide! I'll buy many.

Oh, well.

Silly Me !!! But your loyal (yes) customer ... :-)

A little help for Strelets

Hi Dave,

I am absolutely with you and Hank. The Crimean war is beside the Napoleonic- and Colonial wars my favourite.

So I am happy for every new set on the market and I would like to have the Colonial highlanders (in a better quality than the British or the Redbox British). And of course the Turks, Chasseur Afrique etc...

Some weeks ago I had the chance to get two packs each of 100 Strelets boxes for a good price. I thought it would be easy to share them with friends. Well, I had 100 Crimean cavalry (Russian dragoons and lancers) and 100 Romans. The Romans were gone very easy but I still have 50 Cavalry boxes left.

Something I can't understand, as the lancers are extremly useful for the Russian wars of 1830 to 1855 and the Dragoons can give us a lot of possibilities for conversions.

So the question is, is the Crimean range popular? I hope it is! Now I can paint lancer units for the Polish uprising of 1830/31 and the war against Hungary 1849 too. Hopefully Zsolt will complete his Hungarian insurection figures soon and cast them in metal to led them ride down from my Russian cavalrywave


in absence of Strelets ....

Can't wait forever and Strelets have had their chance.Time to start filling the gaps with other available models.

(Thought of using Russian Dragoons use as Prussian dragoons FP War.Prussian Dragoons in Disguise)

B&B Miniatures have Franco Prussian 20mm Turcos and Zouaves.
French Infantry,Chasseurs a Pied and Artillery ETC plus usable French Dragoons usable for CW. Plenty of models out there.

Anyone found anything else for CW ?

Re: in absence of Strelets ....

Hi Hank,

I am not sure about BB models. Some of them are nice, others not. The biggest problem is the price.

Other manufactors which do CW metals:

Tumbling Dice - a nice range of nearly all weapons

Douglas miniatures - I hope old John will produce soon!

Scruby - Mike Tabour from the USA is offering them. Very nice infantry, but the cavalry is not my taste.

Hinton Hunt - hard to find these days

Minifigs S-range - I made the moulds out of the old figures. Sadly they are not longer available

Have I forgot anything?


Re: Re: in absence of Strelets ....

hi uwe
took you 9 months to produce 1 figure and you had help
couple more months and i'll produce, be patient
cheers old john

Re: Re: Re: in absence of Strelets ....

John, I hope you are making hay and breed them like rabbits off the sprues as the Douglas Figures are really neat and appear to blend with Strelets very well.

Appreciate what you are doing bringing these figures back into existence and keeping some origins in our hobby.Keep up the good work ,Hank.