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Re: Prices

As my father used to say "A bargain at half the price."

family reunion

Bill, my Dad used to say that're not my brother are you?

Re: family reunion

Well he did travel alot in the 60s and 70s. Curious how widespread some expressions can be.

Re: Re: family reunion

Bill, seeing how we're related, we're having the family over for a Sunday Roast tomorrow.
I'll set you a place between Cousin Fiona & Auntie Jennie.
regards, your brother donald
(BTW what country are you from?)

Re: Re: Re: family reunion

I guess if I'm going to make it I'd better get to the airport right away. I'm in Virginia (U.S.A.), so I assume I've got a long flight ahead of me. I'll be sure to bring a scapbook to show pics and catch you up on all of the latest family gossip.

Re: ye old toy soldier

Ye Old Toy Soldier is awesome. I buy most of my sets from John. He has the best prices out there. My only complaint is that he doesn't have the new Caesar sets in stock or all of the Strelets Mini Sets.