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yEAH..The first 3 leters of Turcopoles

Almost....but darn it, if only it was Tur-KISH Infanty (CW etc)....... so the waves of depression continue.

I guess we're supposed to pat strelets on the back again for making figures other than the ones that "we" really want and make us wait further.Well I'm not joining that club i'm going to sulk instead and let everybody know.

Where this bunch of ali babba and the 40 thieves sprang up from I just dont know. Seems the CW future figures have been in a time warp for 2 years.

Re: yEAH..The first 3 leters of Turcopoles

The first 3 leters of Turcopoles hahahaha

Great work Strelets! Nice order sergants!

I know the answer Hank

Strelets are examining the work of all the sculptors they know, all of those they might know and some of those they don't know, to eliminate the work of those that might not be good enough, and those that they know that they know won't be good enough and those that they don't know will be good enough and those that they don't know but know that they might not be good enough so that when they actually get around to making the Turkish Infantry,the French cavalry and the British Grenadiers etc., the sculpturing will be so good that you will think that Strelets have got hold of real people in uniform and shrunk them to 1/72nd scale.
I'm going to lay down for awhile after that outburst of 'Rumsfeltism'
Best regards

Medal of Honor XBOX360

ha ... quite right Murat ,time for another martini chuckle

Just got MOH Airborne today and its very very good. best one yet.Movement is getting better and better and so are effects of shooting plant movement and character motion.

Re: Medal of Honor XBOX360

I agree Hank. Best MOH so far for consoles.

greased and botched landings

hi Luis ,i got this in Best Buy store having asked them for it before it was on their shelf.they were good enough to go get it for me yesterday morning.

Did Op Husky okay but this Op Avalanche is a female dog. Just love the Sicillian /Roman buildings and Ruins.Its like a 3 level game rooftops, ground level ,and subterranean.Awesome hoPE YOU'RE HAVING FUN .hNAK

Re: some new masters of upcoming sets shown at the Strelets webpage

The other upcoming sets for Septembre are:
set M012 Military Order Warriors
set 092 Arab Cavalry
just to complete list of announced sets for this month.