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bonus figures

i got my ceaser figs today from hannants the nubians have 2 bonus figs in as on the psr site also the egyptian chariot figs have one bonus fig in. a sort of priest holding up a stick

Re: Caesar bonus figures

Apparently the figure with the Egyptian chariots is supposed to be Moses, presumably closing the Red Sea, so make sure the chariots are waterproofed...

Re: bonus figures

That would be Moses, in the process of drowning the chariot host of Egypt in the Red Sea.


Re: Re: bonus figures

I thought he was David or Saul

Re: bonus figures

you may be wrong on both counts as there is also a bonus fig, from unknown set, that is presumably an Assyrian King. same pose, but with staff in right hand. my source from Asia tells me that "Moses" may be a Hittite King with staff in left hand.