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Napoleonic question

I was looking at a box of French Imperial Old Guards (Zvezda), which shows the troops advancing, and for the first time questioned the placement of my drummers and standards. They show them to the rear and side, which makes more sense than my parade formation of front and center. Which is correct?

ken k

Re: Napoleonic question

Hi Ken,

Drummers, standbearers and sappers were called the 'tetes de colonne' (lit. heads of the column). Om march they would form the head of the colunm. However, in battle line formation, the drummers would be placed behind the line, but the eagle with flag was in the middle of the frontrank. Dont know the position of the sapper, maybe with the grenadiers?
If you have the osprey warior 57 French napoleonic infantryman 1803-1815, check page 10, it haves two nice company and battalion layouts. The osprey man at arms 141 also haves some diagrams on the layout of the infantry's regiments battalions and companies.

so, the eagle is in the centre, the drummers are behind.



Re: Re: Napoleonic question

Try this: