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scaredy cat

Pliable can alter the poses plus easier to make conversions with.Pewter is too rigid for such.I say there is benefit of lead of lead in metal figures.At my age I dont give a monkey for the health concern.

Didn't you know that there are some pretty nasty toxins in plastics btw,cyanides etc, but that doesnt mean the figures will kill you either.

I have toddlers in the house

I have toddlers in the house and am concerned about traces of lead getting into their mouths. It doesn't take much to induce lead poisoning and I don;t want to be responible for any learning disabilities etc.

Hat and Emhars more healthier than Strelets

Are you telling us you let your children eat toy soldiers ?

Well i guess, looking at the boxes
If you have strelets figures you will see the COmmunity European warning SAYS not for children 0-5.Emhars and Hat are more healthier 0-3 years old.



I have figures from Alex in my collection and I can say these are the best figures I've ever seen sculpted in 1/72. Congratulations to get him into your range!


nice motion captured figure poises

these figures make many other manufacturers look 2 dimensional .Good job

Re: nice motion captured figure poises

Fantastic Work!!!!!