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Re: Re: Re: New Crimeans? New Pose formats

I think this is practical advice too. However, I still feel that "if" the big box sets are to become any kind of collectors editions, and future eBay rarities, they need to include some kind of accessories sets also. Likely, the 5th set. With only 2 new, and 2 old, a 5th unique accessory set would help to sell it.

Also, put photos of the actual sets painted-up on the box-top, just like the old Marx HO boxes. Painting up the older sets would help present them in a new way. I think the Borodino box only shows the 2 cavalrys, but not the 2 infantries. I could be wrong here, but all of the figurines should be shown in their "Best Sunday Clothes." The Curaissiers are some of the best ever, yet we see reinactors. Not bad, but the actual guys on a diorama scene would be awesome.

There were many fine suggested examples of variations in previous threads last year. They could likely be found by searching key words "Big Box."

I think the Big Boxes are a great idea that still need a little fine-tuning to receive optimal financial gains. Please keep up the great work Strelets*R Team!