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Re: Saying of the day: The ignorants quack, the caravan moves on

Better you stay with your favorite period Ancients before you make unqualified comments.

The Sikh Gorchurrah cavalry looked like Sarazens, try to search the web and give me a proof that I am wrong.

Re: Re: Saying of the day: The ignorants quack, the caravan moves on

Hi Guys,

just take a look at the paintings of these two links:

You can see the irregular Sikh cavalry here. The armour is a mixture of old Mogul style armour and older equipement. I have plates of armoured cavalry in my collection at home. Sarazzen figures can be converted to nearly every 18th/19th century central asiatic cavalry. When I have the new Strelets figures, I will make conversions and will send photos over.


Ease up on The Brain!

Uwe, I think you're too hard on The Brain.
He may not know much, he may be guilty of gross generalisation & be lacking in civility and he may not possess any understanding of the mechanics of polite debate but....hmmm, I seem to have lost the thread of what I was saying.
regards, donald


Donald, Let me remind you.... Its your turn to buy the next beer for us, chuckle.

Re: ah

With a Scotch chaser, Hank?
My pleasure.

Re: Re: ah

Cheers Donald, This evening I just been sipping a 12 pack of the Miller CHILL beer ,Lemon and salt(Chelada Style). First few mouthfulls are good when out the fridge but it tastes crap when it warms a few degrees.
ont think it will stay on the market long.
Weak light beer.I go for import beers.

I tried and liked your Ossie Castlemain XXX. Fosters good when draft in keg. Helps teh paint dry quicker hah .
Have fun hank

PS Gues sits a repaint job tomorrow ...hic