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Re: Re: Re: Re: Glow in the dark Romans ???

Or it could be ergotism, which some believe may have been responsible for some of the witch scares. Apparently one of the effects of consuming rye with ergot is hallucinations.

Roman built Antonines Wall

There is was/is ? a Roman built Antonine Wall north of Hadrians Wall in Caledonia(Scotland). Bears Den and Callandar as roman settlements between the walls.

Maybe Ian Bruce and his Scots fellows know a good website that records this.

Re: Roman built Antonines Wall

Wikipedia has a not bad description of the Antonine wall.

The Histories of the Roman Legions

Check this out:

Best regards

Re: The Histories of the Roman Legions

There's a very good fictional account of a quest for the lost standard of the 1X Hispana. It's called "The Eagle of the Ninth" and is by Rosemary Sutcliffe.The son of a centurion who disappeared with the legion up in my Scottish homeland goes in search of his father and to learn the fate of the unit.