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Re: Re: Re: Roman Legions

yes i got curious and wikied it. the 9th has a legendary aura about it. some claim that it only disappeared from the roman military records for awhile, as a 9th legion was recorded to have operated on the continent later. who knows? now there's the recent interest in the event due to the 'last legion' movie. a fascinating subject. we may never know what actually happened to them.

Re: Re: Re: Roman Legions

I have recently been on holiday in York where I heard of a ghost story in which the reported sighting from the cellar of an old building that now stands across the Roman road of a mounted Roman Officer and about 16 legionaries marching North. In the version I heard the legionaries were said to be wearing green tunics and have round or oval shields. I presumeded that they were auxillaries but that was because I was thinking early Imperial. What year did this legion disappear,? Was it Imperial or Late Roman?

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Roman Legions


I was fascinated by your ghostly account of the Roman Soldiers. Having been into the Paranormal myself since I was 16, your account was similar to that written by world famous Parapsychcolgist Hans Holzer.

In one of his first books written in the early 1960"s, he recounts an incident involving the ghosts of Roman Soldiers at an English estate.

In the true story, a plumber was called to repair a leak at an old English estate, the leak was somewhere underneath the home in a section that used to be a dungeon. The frustrated plumber having finally located the leak in the darkened dungeon started with its repair.

Within an hour he noticed than the area to his left was starting to change from dark to a light blue, the colour of the sky. Suddenly marching towards him were the images of Roman Soldiers mounted atop white horses, followed by additional soldiers on foot. The startled plumber later claimed that the entire entity marhed right through him as he lay there on the dungeon floor, as if he weren't even there.

Hans Holzer has written of other incidents involving the ghosts of Roman Soldiers in England and can be found at,

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Roman Legions

I've heard an account about ghostly Romans in a cellar, apparently they could be seen from the ankles up as the original Roman road was some inches beneath the floor surface. They were also described as having a rather motley appearance, with all kinds of kit, which lent the account some authenticity. They apparently just appeared out of one wall and marched through the other without a 'by your leave'... that's Romans for ya.

Roman Ghosts in the UK


Her's an additional website that might explain the constant sightings.

Glow in the dark Romans ???

Maybe Strelets could produce a set of Roman Legion Ghosts in a clear green plastic that glow in the dark.

Fontanini of Spain has produced clear plastic sets of Pirates and French Musketeers in 90mm so it can be done. The pirates are orange and the musketeers are a yellowish green.

I am not sure if the Fontanini sets glow in the dark but the Ghost made by Papo of France does.

Re: Glow in the dark Romans ???

You could use Pantography to enlarge Strelets' Romans to 1:1 scale, then paint them in a fluorescent green. Get some dogs from the local dog catcher and teach them to howl like wolves when you have visitors. Invite a group of toy soldier collectors over, get 'em drunk. What you'll get is more ghostly sightings of Romans, Vikings, for sure Napoleon and perhaps a whole army of Crimean war Turks.

Possibly one of the reasons why those sightings tend to occur in moist basements, caves, dark forests and wargaming dungeons is that those are the ideal growing places for hallucinogenic shrooms. Inhaling a few spores might be sufficient to give you the sight of a Roman Centurion. Eating the whole thing will put you right into Nero's Domus Aurea, the world's hippest party place. Unless it kills you first...DON'T try, we still want you around!

Re: Re: Glow in the dark Romans ???

Did you or your 5 year old child compose that email???

Re: Re: Re: Glow in the dark Romans ???

Why take offense, Patrick? I'm not saying that there is no parapsychology. As far as I'm concerned, I know that there is a whole lot about humans that we Don't know.

However, I do know that people have hallucinations and they might see anything from cats and white mice to toy soldiers and Napoleon. It is part of many mental health problems and can also be evoked by alcohol, medications and recreational, illicit drugs. The experience of a hallucination makes people say that they think they see is real.

When a whole village starts to see Romans though, I agree with you, that this would not be explained by hallucinations and probably falls more into the realm of parapsychology.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Glow in the dark Romans ???

Or it could be ergotism, which some believe may have been responsible for some of the witch scares. Apparently one of the effects of consuming rye with ergot is hallucinations.

Roman built Antonines Wall

There is was/is ? a Roman built Antonine Wall north of Hadrians Wall in Caledonia(Scotland). Bears Den and Callandar as roman settlements between the walls.

Maybe Ian Bruce and his Scots fellows know a good website that records this.

Re: Roman built Antonines Wall

Wikipedia has a not bad description of the Antonine wall.

The Histories of the Roman Legions

Check this out:

Best regards

Re: The Histories of the Roman Legions

There's a very good fictional account of a quest for the lost standard of the 1X Hispana. It's called "The Eagle of the Ninth" and is by Rosemary Sutcliffe.The son of a centurion who disappeared with the legion up in my Scottish homeland goes in search of his father and to learn the fate of the unit.