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Re: Question

My opinion is NO!!!
There are too many gaps in your Crimean War range for example to diversify your efforts in other scales.
Improve your quality and you'll can rest on the top...


Only interested in 1/72nd scale

Re: NO

Well to be honest I'd like to see more sets in 1/32 period. I got my start in that scale. So all the more 1/32, as well as we still have 1/72 since that seems most popular, is fine with me. Keeps the hobby varied, no?


Re: Re: NO

Agreed, but I've already stated my case in an earlier thread

Re: Re: Re: NO but YEAH but

The other night I find Replicents and other 1/32 figure manufactures of Michigan Toy Soldier Co- they have royal navy(Nelson's navy), Trafalgar sailors and gunners, Royal Marines and dead seamen poses.

Zvezda also has some 1/35 ww2 soviet and german sniper teams, the artwork on the the box looks great.

Hope this venture will make more money to funding more 1/72's.

Re: NO but YEAH but - Replicant's Website

That's right. Replicants has made a complete line of Sailors, Marines, Personalities, wounded, etc. And durn fine, too!

The guy (main guy) who makes the Replicants figurines is Peter Cole. He embodies everything about plastic toy soldiers. He researched and authored the history of Britain's & Herald figurines (Swoppets) in his book "Suspended Animation." His book is an absolute joy to read. I bought directly from his homepage site and he shipped to me in Japan at the time.

Now, if we could have the same in 1/72 that HaT hasn't produced yet, Wow !!!

Here's Peter Cole's Link - Enjoy!:

Re: Re: NO but YEAH but - Replicant's Website

Firstly to correct my post above, having in mind read it again I intented to say as listed on Michtoy 'Seamen Lying dead -Sorry if the previous mention sounded innapropriate.

Thanks for the link by the way, this is good, I will look forward to reading this site. You sound like a good explorer.