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To the S*R Team Re: Naval Master

Copy: "Would you be interested in a series of historical figures ... ?

Is this a master of Lord Nelson? This master is a real teaser! If I may say, I would love to see this Officer complete with his Subordinates and Crew Members.

A box of Historics vs a box of Nelson & Naval Crew ... I would rather have a complete Crew. We have the excellent Crimean Russian Naval Cannons and more crews to man them would be awesome.

I would buy a few boxes of Historics, but many more of different, complete sets.

Keep up the great work!

Re: To the S*R Team Re: Naval Master

I like anything Naval and especially 19th Century.
I served for a short while in the Royal Navy.
When I was a Midshipman I went on H.M.S. Victory (still a ship of the line and a Flagship)and a killick pointed out a large brass plaque sticking up out of the deck and said "That's where Nelson fell"
I said " I'm not surprised. I fell over the thing myself"
HaT have produced a nice set of Royal Naval ratings and Royal Marines but they lack officers and ancilleries.
A great opertunity for the Strelets Sculptor that created the Cuirassies