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Re: Re: Re: Contributions - FYI Jamestown Fort & Indian Palisade

Dear Britsfan,

Thank you for the kind comments.

I was limited to (and lucky to have) 5 complete Hong Kong "Fort Boone" sets. So, the Fort is actually smaller than real scale. But I hope complete enough to give us an idea. I layed out the tents to represent the buildings you saw. I simply had no more plastic to make buildings from the same sets, so in my imagination, maybe our mates in 1607 slept their first nights in tents! :-) I actually hope to upgrade it later.

At the end of the project, I had only 1 or 2 inches of walls left over. In fact, I had only one complete gate of 5 but could see no foreseeable future use for it, so I copied the gate from the Osprey "Forts of American Frontier 1820-91" and put the "Gate inside the Gate." The book states the double-gate was used to control an outbreak of "smallpox." Just possibly, common-sense leads us to believe the "Reception Area" was used to disarm potential hostiles, whether natives or angry trappers.

Although not historically accurate according to archaeolical digs, still, I loved the idea, and couldn't disagree with it and hated to see good plastic sit unused.