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Re: Question

Dear Strelet's,
I think it's a nice idea. Do you have in mind a series of sets(for example: Wellington, Napoleon and Nelson together or Rommel, Monty, Patton), or a single figure with different poses (it would be nice in 1:72 too)?

And what about packaging? A box with a sprue or a ready to paint figure with a basemennt?

I hope you don't have in mind to get rid the 1:72 scale. ;)

Re: Question

If they look like that sculpt I would be absolutely interested.

Re: Question


Re: Question

Dear StreletsR,
I think it is an excellent idea. I'd love to see
Napoleon and his Marshals. My preference would be
for 1/32 scale.

Best Regards,
Paul K.

Re: Re: Question

I would be interested if you were to release the set in 1/72.

Good luck with your projects in other scales. Hopefully the profits that you might get from 1/32 and 1/48 figures won't make you abandon 1/72 figures!

More likely, Strelets' 1/72 production will decrease to a mere trickle and finally cessate in a year or two. It was nice while it lasted.

Re: Re: Re: Question

Yes Please
And it's nice to hear from you again

Re: Re: Re: Re: Question

I need to add that I would like 1/32nd and not 1/48th.
Also like many others on this forum I want to see them in 1/72nd as well (as a preference)

Re: Question

You can make them in 1/9 scale, too, but - PLEASE - AFTER MAKING IN 1/72!!!

Re: Question

Yes, will support anything you bring out in 1/32nd scale, as will most collectors here,as we traditionally collect and game in both 1/32 and 1/72.would also like to see that set in 1/72nd, preferably in that wonderful dark blue. Best regards, John, Sydney

Re: Question

It's not for me unless they can also be scaled down to 1/72 aswell.

Re: Question

The sculpting looks great, but I stick to 1/72nd also.

Yes, Yes and Yes

to both scales

Re: Yes, Yes and Yes

Only interested in 1/72.

Re: Question

1/32nd and 1/72nd would both be valuable. They can be portrait figures in both scales. I don't see much market for 1/48th.
thanks for asking!

Re: Question

only in 1/72 or 1/35

Re: Re: Question

Put energy in increasing quality, not frittering it away with new items.

Re: Question

Since you

Re: Re: Question

I like to see figures of every scale but I collect only 1/72.


Not interested 1/72 only

lets have the other much awaited 1/72 figures first, please.

Re: Question

No thanks. Stick with and expand your 1/72 scale range and try to improve your sculpting (that master of a possible 1/32 or 1/48 figure alone shows clearly that your sculptor has not the right feeling for good proportions: the head is much too big).

Cost would be the issue for me...

Re: Question

I think that the scale 1/48 or 40 mm permit obtain figures with a small size with a higher detail level.
I working in several figures and guns at 1/48 and 40 mm.
You can look the Perry and sahs and saber figures

Re: Re: Question

I think you have to increase your mould quality first.
The costs are of interest too. My local dealers sell your 1/72 regular sets for 10,95 Euro. So I have to decide which sets I will buy or not.

Re: Question

I wouldn't. But thats just me. I only work with 1/72. Just my preference I guess.

Re: Re: Question

Please No, concentrate on improving the quality of what you've already started. don't lose focus on 1/72 scle and leave 1/32 for PEGASO and others... rgds

Re: Question

I dont mind Strelets venturing into other scale, but my personal preferrence is still 1/72.

Re: Re: Question

Nope, I only do 1/72


Re: NO

Definitely YES, for particular figures especialy, but evntualy a bit at the time also for some others more ordinary, not everything of course, would be too hard and commercial inconvenient.

It take time and much work to produce new sets, but once realised a good master is not a big problem to reproduce it and print it in any smaller or similar scale.
Tecniques, materials and machinery for produce miniatures are improving constantly, as everybody can see from the quantity and the quality of new sets constantly coming out.
So I wouldn't worry as much as many others for the 1/72 production, that remains the main requested anyway.

Even if miniatures of bigger dimentions are something only for particular demanding costumers, is always better have more things available than less.

I belong to both kinds of toysoldiers users... but I think the wargaming is more diffused and commercial, who make modelling and dioramas are a more restricted elité (sorry for the unmodesty but it's the true) less convenient as commercial target, but as well or even more deserving than wargamers.
It's very kind from Strelets to care and ask.
So as long if it's possible without to sacrifice the usual production, anything new and different is wellcome.


Re: Re: NO

Stick to 1/72 scale. It takes long enough to produce a new set without going off at a giant tangent.

Re: Question

"No, don't expand so soon. Stay focused on 1/72 HO which is the mission statement of your company!"

The reasons are that:

* There are plenty of larger scale makers today who are light-years ahead of the 1/72 selection, and already enough man-hours and resources devoted to larger scale production without taking away from 1/72 HO.

* Larger scale customers already have zillions of more sets and a much better selection of armies and eras to choose from than we do, and ...

* For every hour you spend away from 1/72 HO and stray from your mission statement, and for every mould not in this scale, it is another much desired opportunity to make new theme sets lost forever, and ...

* Larger scale makers such as Conte, Barzo, and Armies in Plastic have never indicated they would pruduce their figures in 1/72 scale (never responded to e-mails). We should assume they will never produce in 1/72 HO, so ...

* Focus on making famously popular themes and offering them in single set boxes first. Then everyone can afford to buy more of them. I would love to have 10 single sets of Summer Cuirasiers for my Franco-Prussian collection. As is, I'll only invest in one Big Box, and several Winter Cuirassiers to supplement. Offer Big Boxes with at least 3 new sets. Satisfied customers become repeat customers so offer them what they really want.

** Stay focused where you are needed most and continue to fulfill your earlier commitments. Going back thru the forum suggestions and recommendations by all of the loyal memebers to the S*R Team, it should take quite a while to offer-up those much needed and much wanted sets and themes.

*** I read an article on MSN a few years ago about successful traits of Millionaires. There was a quote that has stayed with me all this time ... "Winners stay focused, losers spray."

*** You don't need to "think outside the box" here. Focus more deeply on what's "inside the 1/72 HO box", - It is too soon now to expand when so much is left unfinished.

I hope this feedback helps in some way. As always, thank you for your already wonderful achievements.

vote of "NO" confidence

Good reply Dave, saw you stepped back to view the response.

Seems to me STrelets need direction.if they are expanding they need a good kick in the pants FIRST. Allow me.......

the past 2 years they knee jerked to the other market demands (or really they bowed down and rolled over with Hat).Strelets pushed past their own ideas and collectors to the back to make mini boxes and stampedes of cavalry boxes.Adding to other incomplete ranges, completing/achieving unfinished work, NOT ACCOMPLISHING ANYTHING for themselves.

Stelets COULD HAVE COMPLETED THEir flagship production , cRIMEAN wAR. but here we are still waiting after 2 years for something ahem.... "coming soon".

Stability. I wish they would have maintained their roots.Completing their 1/72 ranges .Is getting too beyond reasonable time. I've now begun moving back into metal figures as they are becomming available in these ranges.Previously i have replaced all plastic figures with sizeable metal armies.

Strelets are plugging gaps in others holds but are "missing the boat" with their own customers.For some reason I havent got the confidence that Strelets will complete some of their ranges.

Cashcows are out there.really really Basic, do war movie release series.

Run limited figures,6 box 3 per side
Cav,Inf, Art

using tangent marketing and advertising. Run ahead with forthcoming war movies.
MacDonalds and Burger King do specials even make figures associated with movies. Whats good for the goose...must be good for the gander.

300 (Spartans) could have been quite a project. However we see unconnected romans produced.Lost opportunity. duh....
Meanwhile old Atlantic(hybrids etc) Greeks and Persian get swept off the internet.

So to answer STrelets question NO keep to what you are good at.The sculptors may be passable at 1/72 but when you magnify these figures you will see features that you just wont get away with in larger scales.Out of scale hands weapons collars webbing hats etc.

(Also If i was emhars i'd be worried about thE "economic war" with chinese made toys being trash-canned.)MADE IN cHINA, DONT MEAN CHEAP NO MORE,MEANS DANGEROUS.Could happen to any country falling out with Uncle Sam.))

FOCUS hits the nail on the head.Everything else will happen. there toe ids throbbing but that feels real good.

Re: Cross-Sharing Masters For Different Scales Doesn't Work ...

Dear S*R,

Hank and Brain make some very appropriate comments regarding "cross-sharing" masters designed for 1/72 HO purposes with larger scales.

I have already complimented your sculptor on the fine job he has done on the Naval Commander master. He's awesome as far as my tastes go, and in 1/72 HO he would be a sure winner.

But if you up-scale him, some body-parts may appear out of proportion. Some parts too big for bigger scale, and when cross-sharing masters, other parts would simply be too small for 1/72 purposes.

Let me give you a real life example of a failed downsizing attempt of larger to smaller scale which should expose the opposite problem of smaller to larger ...

The IMEX Alamo Round Hats were produced in 54mm long before 1/72. Toy Soldiers of San Diego (California) had scans eons ago. At the larger scale the lances, guns, swords, and other thin accessories were thick enough to not break off.

But when they were pantographed down to 1/72, these accessories simply drop off, even break off out of the box from shipping.

I'm truly disappointed about this as the sculpting and art work is right-on, but the engineering realities have negated a fine effort.

I personally love the look of "Lead Figures" with their exaggerated heads, hands, feet, mustaches, helmets, buttons, and so on. And in soft plastic they look eqaully attractive. But in larger scales, at least 3 of us on this forum can anticipate they would simply attract criticisms against your good-intentioned efforts.

So, for now, please stick to with what you are so good at and continue commissioning your sculptors make your uniquely accurate and attractive 1/72 figurines designed for their smaller scale purposes.

Happy Producing (and I don't envy you) but we all need and want you! Thanks for asking :-)


Seems the major response to Strelets question, is "NO".

Quite a few fed up folk waving a big banner saying "get on with the Crimean War range" etc. ( Looks like most of us are standing out on the flank after parade inspection,speaks volumes.)

How Strelets react to this feedback will be very interesting.

Re: Question

Perhaps you should ask on a forum dedicated to 1:32 and 1:48 scale. I'm sure they would love your product in their scale. I wouldn't mind some links to such forums myself.

I do know that Tamiya is starting to more of their former 1:35 scale soldiers in 1:48. Both in hard plastic. 1:48 is also very popular scale for aircraft, so a pilot and groundcrew set or maybe even paratroops and helicopter troops, would be a very good start.

There is also 25mm or is it 28mm for gaming.

Re: Question

Nice-looking figure, and I do like naval subjects, but I haven't the space or money for everything so its 1/72 or not at all for me. I would also echo the comment 'make what you have already promised first'.

Re: Question

My opinion is NO!!!
There are too many gaps in your Crimean War range for example to diversify your efforts in other scales.
Improve your quality and you'll can rest on the top...


Only interested in 1/72nd scale

Re: NO

Well to be honest I'd like to see more sets in 1/32 period. I got my start in that scale. So all the more 1/32, as well as we still have 1/72 since that seems most popular, is fine with me. Keeps the hobby varied, no?


Re: Re: NO

Agreed, but I've already stated my case in an earlier thread

Re: Re: Re: NO but YEAH but

The other night I find Replicents and other 1/32 figure manufactures of Michigan Toy Soldier Co- they have royal navy(Nelson's navy), Trafalgar sailors and gunners, Royal Marines and dead seamen poses.

Zvezda also has some 1/35 ww2 soviet and german sniper teams, the artwork on the the box looks great.

Hope this venture will make more money to funding more 1/72's.

Re: NO but YEAH but - Replicant's Website

That's right. Replicants has made a complete line of Sailors, Marines, Personalities, wounded, etc. And durn fine, too!

The guy (main guy) who makes the Replicants figurines is Peter Cole. He embodies everything about plastic toy soldiers. He researched and authored the history of Britain's & Herald figurines (Swoppets) in his book "Suspended Animation." His book is an absolute joy to read. I bought directly from his homepage site and he shipped to me in Japan at the time.

Now, if we could have the same in 1/72 that HaT hasn't produced yet, Wow !!!

Here's Peter Cole's Link - Enjoy!:

Re: Re: NO but YEAH but - Replicant's Website

Firstly to correct my post above, having in mind read it again I intented to say as listed on Michtoy 'Seamen Lying dead -Sorry if the previous mention sounded innapropriate.

Thanks for the link by the way, this is good, I will look forward to reading this site. You sound like a good explorer.